All your systems in a single feed — personalized for each employee

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Integrate siloed systems

Feed Apps integrate previously siloed systems into a feed of actionable cards. The cards from all the systems each employee cares about are easily configured for relevancy, just like a Facebook feed. This makes it easy for employees get the information and perform the actions needed to get their jobs done.

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Accelerate workflows

Notification and Data Apps push notifications to employees about relevant events in enterprise systems. All actions, such as approvals, have transactional backends. Custom apps allow employees to simply and securely query backend systems to retrieve information on the go.

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Use your existing software in modern ways.

The easy-to-use app builder is designed to run directly on your existing Java infrastructure and follow existing security and compliance standards. Sapho can also deploy within your private cloud to deliver all the benefits of SaaS, while you maintain full control of your data and servers.


Deploys directly onto your existing infrastructure by installing into your Java app server, such as Tomcat or Weblogic, and integrates with your existing Active Directory or LDAP authentications and permissions.

Private Cloud

Runs as a cloud service within your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and securely connects to your in-house databases and identity servers.


Runs as a managed cloud service on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk and Google’s Container Engine.

“Sapho is Google Now for the Enterprise – it organizes your enterprise’s information and makes it useful and accessible by all employees”

- Steve Comstock, CIO, CBS Interactive

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