Sapho improves productivity
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Deliver actionable data, insights, and tasks to employees using Teams to help them work smarter, make better decisions, and increase effectiveness

Sapho delivers
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Sapho brings consumer-like
apps to IBM Domino

The micro app leader announces integration with IBM Domino to enable customers to simplify access to information and workflows used by employees

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Sapho allows companies to quickly and easily build secure micro apps on top of existing systems to give employees access to the important information and critical workflows they need

The Sapho Micro App Platform

Providing a system of engagement to improve organizational effectiveness and employee productivity.

Sapho is the industry’s first micro application development and integration platform. It allows organizations to build secure micro apps, on top of existing enterprise systems, that provide employees with proactive insights and one-click task completion from a personalized Facebook-like feed available on any device, through a single unified app, browser, email, or messaging client.

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Existing enterprise systems are hard-to-use, slow-to-load, and sacrifice efficiency for unnecessary functionality. The result is that employees delay completing tasks or forgo gathering important business data to avoid using these systems. What is needed is a simple way for employees to get access to the relevant information and tasks that will help them drive better outcomes for their organizations.

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The Sapho Micro App Platform provides employees an easy way to engage with systems that hold important data and critical workflows. With Sapho, employees receive proactive notifications and a personalized feed of information, such as a weekly report or an expense report that is awaiting approval, so they never miss a deadline or an important piece of business data again.

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The Sapho Micro App Platform helps provide IBM Domino customers the ability to streamline workflows, deliver experiences to increase employee engagement, and enable them to derive more value from their investments.

Inhi Cho Suh, General Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions

Sapho enabled us to replace our complicated systems with micro apps and modern workflows that deliver the consumer-driven experience that our employees have come to expect. With Sapho, our employees get things done faster, are more productive, and are happier with the experience we’re delivering.

Steve Comstock, CIO

Sapho has allowed us to quickly unify data across all of our systems and deliver actionable updates to our team via simple, single-purpose apps. Now we have a complete 360 view of every project from production schedule to finance to marketing execution.

Wolfgang Hammer, CEO, Super Deluxe

Critical business information is too often locked in back end systems. Sapho helps create actionable data from multiple business systems through the use of micro apps that deliver cross system information with in-app actions to employees across a variety of devices and locations.

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Our project has hundreds of incoming data streams, making it a challenge to keep up. Sapho gave us a simple way to aggregate all the data together and let our product managers focus on our users. Now, when we get a single data point from Salesforce, Github, StackOverflow or even Twitter, we can make actionable decisions within minutes instead of weeks.

David Aronchick, Senior Product Manager, Kubernetes Project

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