A modern portal experience for your
modern workforce

Triple productivity by providing employees with a single, actionable view into all their systems.

Sapho provides our sales teams with a single, simple interface that pushes workflows to them while also allowing them to access their system data and tasks. Sapho has driven our weekly software utilization to over 90%, and getting the right information and tasks to our team has decreased our sales cycle, increased conversion rates, and provided better data on the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives.

Brian Below, President of Light Building Products, Boral Industries

Sapho improves productivity
for Microsoft Teams customers

Deliver actionable data, insights, and tasks to employees using Teams to help them work smarter, make better decisions, and increase effectiveness.

Sapho will allow our customers to harness the full value of Teams by surfacing updates and actionable activities from all of their systems of record into a single Teams view. We’re excited to have Sapho help our customers improve their collaboration and productivity.

Brian MacDonald, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Teams

Sapho delivers
the future of work

See how micro apps triple productivity and increase employee engagement.

Sapho has allowed us to quickly unify data across all of our systems and deliver actionable updates to our team via simple, single-purpose apps. Now we have a complete 360 view of every project from production schedule to finance to marketing execution.

Wolfgang Hammer, CEO, Super Deluxe

Sapho brings consumer-like
apps to IBM Domino

The micro app leader announces integration with IBM Domino to enable customers to simplify access to information and workflows used by employees.

Sapho helps provide IBM Domino customers the ability to streamline workflows, deliver experiences to increase employee engagement, and enable them to derive more value from their investments.

Inhi Cho Suh, General Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions

Employees deserve the best tools to do their jobs

Traditional enterprise systems are failing employees because they are hard-to-use, offer a poor user experience, and there are simply too many of them. While employees eventually learn the few systems they use daily, they struggle with those they use periodically. Employees need a better way to complete their tasks and access the data in all the business systems necessary to thrive in their jobs.

No more delaying tasks because it’s too time-consuming to log in and figure out a system

No more helpdesk calls for password resets and interface guidance from employees working in a system they use four times a year

No more bad business decisions based on lack of data

No more spending money on expensive licenses for software that never gets used

No more forcing employees to move between four different systems to complete one basic task

Transform how people work

Sapho provides employees a single view into the data and key actions they must take from both the systems they don’t use every day as well as from the systems they should be using regularly.

Sapho empowers employees with a Modern Portal Experience (MPX) that surfaces relevant tasks and data using micro apps. Sapho micro apps – built by IT on top of existing systems and delivered to any device, intranet, or messenger – simplify workflows and data access, allowing employees to complete work faster and make better decisions, improving their productivity and effectiveness.

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Existing enterprise systems are hard-to-use and sacrifice efficiency for unnecessary functionality used by only a small subset of power users. The result is that typical users delay completing tasks, bother their colleagues with data requests, or give up on gathering information all together to avoid using these systems. With Sapho, employees get relevant information and can complete the workflows essential to your business.

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Sapho’s MPX makes it easy for employees to engage with systems that conceal important data and critical workflows. Employees receive proactive notifications about interesting system data, actions that need to be completed, and changes in business data that require attention. With relevant information at their fingertips, employees no longer need to log into frustrating systems to get data. This leads to less help desk calls, fewer unused licenses, and increased employee engagement.

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