The future of HR technology

Technological innovations have pushed HR to a critical turning point. Employees increasingly complete payroll and benefits tasks using a self-service portal, and online recruiting tools have automated significant parts of the job posting and application process.

Happy employees are more productive employees

Productivity, productivity, productivity — we hear so much about its importance and how employee productivity can improve every aspect of a company’s culture, performance and, eventually, its bottom line.

How to make your workflows more human

The next time you walk around the office, count how many employees have sticky notes with login details stuck to their monitors. These colorful reminders signal outdated employee enterprise software and a need for more human-centric workflows.

How to measure the success of your digital experience platform

Experts say employee experience is the next competitive frontier. In fact, a company’s ability to meet the digital needs and expectations of employees will directly impact how well they can attract and retain talent.

How the right technology can improve retention

The past fifteen years have brought significant changes to the workplace. Smartphone use, an increasing number off-site employees and a plummeting unemployment rate are just a few of the dramatic changes today’s most HR professionals didn’t worry about a decade ago.

Employee engagement is more than being a “yes person”

It’s natural that every employer wants their employees to feel connected to their team, to management, and to the company. A strong connection is at the heart of employee engagement, and engaged employees are crucial to the success of businesses.

How to prepare for the future of work

Is it possible to prepare for the future of work? Not too long ago, work was more of a fixed thing.

3 digital workplace trends your business needs to adopt in 2019

If there’s one thing Snapchat addicts and people with Yahoo email addresses can agree on, it’s that most enterprise software lags behind consumer technology.