3 ways micro apps help employees get up-to-speed during first week

This article first appeared on HR.com. Hiring and training new employees can be as stressful for managers as it is for new hires.

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Increase productivity with these 7 tips for people who are sick of productivity tips

Just what you needed—another list of tips to increase productivity to distract you from work. But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re still searching for a solution to your company’s biggest time sinks.

Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.8 introduces Okta and PeopleSoft integrations and brings support for GDPR compliance

Want to hear what’s new in Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.8? Let’s get started.

Improving employee communication is about more than writing better emails

Employee communication is one of the most important ingredients in business—and being able to communicate the right information to the right employees is often a key differentiator in the success of a company.

How the corporate intranet has evolved to empower the modern enterprise

When corporate intranets were first introduced in the 1990s, it gave employees a single place to access company information and computing resources, specifically, their business apps.

5 manual office tasks you should already have automated

How much time are your employees wasting on repetitive tasks that could be done with task automation? What projects could they be working on that would instead drive more business value?

How Sapho Employee Experience Portal enables enterprises to finally leverage data to its full potential

It’s no surprise the digital workplace is expanding at a rapid pace. More and more, employees expect consumer-like application experiences at work, and organizations are constantly looking for ways to use innovative technologies to engage them and make it easier to get work done.

BMC Remedy, Liferay, Microsoft Intune, and enhanced feed cards top the highlights of 4.7

Here’s your lowdown on some of the great new features you can look forward to in Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.7.

Event-driven IT is at the forefront of the digital workplace

Gartner recently took a look at the top 10 strategic technology trends that it says will impact companies in 2018. One of the trends highlighted by Gartner is event driven. But what exactly does that mean?
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