What is workforce empowerment and how can you apply it to your team?

Studies show that empowered workers are more engaged with their work, more productive—22 percent more—and ultimately accomplish more on the job. The reason? Because workforce empowerment means bestowing employees with autonomy, self-direction and tools to get the job done.

What the digital revolution means for the enterprise

The digital revolution, which began during the 1980s, continues to maintain its momentum. From the progression of analog and mechanical devices, such as the rotary telephone, to the emersion of digital technology, such as the iPhone and cloud computing, this revolution is driving change across many areas of our society—including the way we work.

Six benefits of cross-platform app development

With the rise of mobile workforces and bring-your-own-device programs, demand for enterprise apps that run on any device—whether desktop, laptop, or mobile—has exploded.

5 employee engagement ideas to help your organization succeed

Why are so many companies looking for employee engagement ideas? Because they want to gain a crucial competitive edge in today’s economy.

Managing your mobile workforce successfully

Today, more people own smartphones than ever before and with the increase in the adoption of mobile devices, the number of employees expecting to access work wherever they are has also grown.

Sapho keynotes this year’s Digital Workplace Experience conference

We are excited to announce that Sapho will be heading out to this year’s Digital Workplace Experience conference (DWX) in Chicago, where we will be speaking in the keynote as well as a breakout session, as one of the marquee sponsors alongside Microsoft and other industry leaders.

Why integrating task manager apps with Sapho boosts productivity

Today, the majority of large enterprises conduct their business in a global and virtual environment that encompasses a host of digital tools and numerous employees, collaborators, and geographical locations. As a result, task management is getting more complex.

Increase productivity with these 7 tips for people who are sick of productivity tips

Just what you needed—another list of tips to increase productivity to distract you from work. But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re still searching for a solution to your company’s biggest time sinks.

How the corporate intranet has evolved to empower the modern enterprise

When corporate intranets were first introduced in the 1990s, it gave employees a single place to access company information and computing resources, specifically, their business apps.