How a modern employee portal augments your existing BPM solutions

It’s common for a large enterprise to have numerous workflow tools and business process management (BPM) systems in place. Different BPMs are typically purchased over time for different use cases across different business units, and also brought in due to various acquisitions.

Sapho’s vision for micro apps

Today we are launching Sapho. We have worked incredibly hard for over two years to deliver next generation push computing infrastructure that runs in existing data centers and also integrates existing backends.

How Google’s AI paved the way for the next generation of bots

Bots are fast becoming all the rage in tech, offering users the ability to use a messaging app to type in simple English requests to services like Uber. The user interface is just like texting a friend, and it’s far simpler to enter a message than to download and use a clunky native app.

Small screens, big decisions: How mobile is forcing businesses to rethink software

One of the biggest problems in software is feature bloat. Even sprightly new companies that base their competitive strategy on minimalism and ease of use can eventually fall prey to the same force that bogged down their predecessors.

Push comes to shove: Why push computing is the new way we interact with information

Since its inception in the 1960s, the modern computer has offered humans the same “pull computing” paradigm: make a query, get a response. Or, as we often experience it: Go to the haystack, try to find the needle.