BMC Remedy, Liferay, Microsoft Intune, and enhanced feed cards top the highlights of 4.7

Here’s your lowdown on some of the great new features you can look forward to in Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.7.

BMC Remedy integration

As a leader among service management platforms, BMC Remedy needs no introduction. Integration with this powerhouse has been in our backlog for quite some time, and we’re very happy to announce its completion. Our initial set of template micro apps for BMC Remedy focuses on purchasing orders, enabling employees to create, search for, and approve equipment requisitions. In addition, two other template apps make searching for fellow coworkers or looking up vendors and partner companies a breeze. Of course, these are only our template apps— your developers can build custom micro apps on top of our BMC Remedy integration that your company may need.

BMC Remedy requisition approval

More publishing options

Next up, we’ve added two new ways to experience Sapho. If your company is using Microsoft Intune to manage its enterprise applications, you’re in luck. We now fully support deployment through this popular mobile device management tool. And, companies running Liferay won’t be left out in the cold either, as Sapho can now be directly embedded in a page on your portal.

Sapho embedded in Liferay portal

Charts on feed cards

Instead of just sending text-only notifications about significant data trends, you can now show them with the ability to display charts on cards. When setting up a notification, simply select the relevant chart on the card’s destination page. When the notification is triggered, Sapho will take a snapshot of the current state of the chart and include the image on the feed card. Additionally, we’ve also revamped feed cards to have a more modern look and feel.

Chart in feed card in personalized workfeed

Customizable desktop navigation

In Sapho 4.4, we introduced an option to have a dedicated sidebar for better app navigation on desktops. Recently, we decided to add a ton of new options to this feature, such as the ability to incorporate your company logo or display user profiles. It also has an icon-only option that auto-expands on hover to save valuable screen real estate. In addition, a new personalization feature allows employees to reorder menu items to their liking, letting them move their most used or most important micro apps to the top of the list.

New Sapho menu in profile on desktop

More visual flair for your micro apps

Rounding out our highlights for this release is a couple of new options to enhance the UI of your micro apps. You can add field boxes to all your input components to help make it easier to distinguish forms. Additionally, text and input components now support the option to add icons to improve visual interest and make micro app UIs more intuitive.

New Form

Increased productivity for all

In closing, we’d like to share one more important addition to our support features in Sapho. We take the accessibility of our product very seriously, and we’re proud to announce that all controls of the Sapho App are now fully readable by iOS VoiceOver and Android Explore by Touch.

iOS VoiceOVer and Touch icons over Sapho portal on mobile device

That’s a wrap for this post, but we’ve only just scratched the surface of our latest release — there are many more improvements to explore. Be sure to check out our free demos to see them in action for yourself.

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