Citrix XenMobile support, easier deployments, and more in Sapho 5.1

Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.1 is here and includes some great new features. Read on for all the highlights.

Citrix XenMobile support

Citrix XenMobile is a well-known leader among Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers, delivering a comprehensive solution that is trusted by companies worldwide. For companies taking advantage of its MAM capabilities, we’re happy to announce that the Sapho app can now be wrapped with the Citrix MDX Toolkit and deployed via Citrix XenMobile. This new addition will help to round out the offering of EMM solutions we already support, which includes VMware AirWatch, Blackberry, and MobileIron.

Easier deployments

As more companies continue to roll out Sapho to their employees, we’ve been focused on making this process as painless as possible. As a result, we’re excited to announce two new features aimed at streamlining the deployment and transfer of Sapho to different environments.

Configuration placeholders

Sapho now supports configuration placeholders that are replaced with environment variables values in runtime. This provides the ability to keep the same configuration in different instances of Sapho, but have different values stored in the environment variables of each environment. The means Sapho Employee Experience Portal can be moved across environments without overriding any environment-specific configuration.

SAP Concur configuration placeholder

Integration import and export

In addition to being able to transfer micro apps and Builder settings, it’s now possible to export and import integration information as well. The integration export contains all necessary information—connection properties, entities, relationships, etc.–so you can easily transfer the setup to a different environment. Combined with the ability to utilize environment variables, this makes it easy to set up Sapho on different platforms.

Feed card regeneration

We’ve all been there—you’re checking your messages and accidentally delete something important. Now, permanently dismissing an important feed card is a thing of the past. Using customizable rules, Sapho can check the underlying data source of the notification and if you haven’t acted upon something important, the notification card is put back into your feed. This is just one more feature designed to help employees stay on top of their game.

Mandatory event cards

One of the most important features of Sapho Employee Experience Portal is the ability to surface relevant information to employees. In other words, if an employee isn’t interested in a particular event, they have the option of unsubscribing from it. However, there are certain types of notifications that are critical to business or even employee safety. With this in mind, we have added a feature that gives managers or administrators the ability to choose which types of events employees can unsubscribe from.

Mandatory event feed cards

Integration enhancements

As always, we’re constantly working on improvements to our existing integrations. This time around we delivered an enhancement that improves overall data synchronization as well as specific performance tweaks for Active Directory, Adobe Sign, and Humanity.

Additionally, we added more information to our G Suite Directory and Calendar integrations. In the G Suite Directory integration, it is now possible to include a manager’s email address on an employee profile, which can be used to enhance directory browsing. The G Suite Calendar integration is now also able pull data about user access permissions for each calendar. You can utilize both of these new features in our updated template apps.

G Suite Directory integration enhancements

That rounds out the highlights of this release, but we’re already hard at work on the next one. We’ve got some really exciting features in store, so check back soon to learn all about them.

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