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Why digital experience portals are the future of the digital workplace

In the enterprise, we’ve come to associate portal software with words like clunky, outdated, and inconvenient. This is especially true when compared with mobile and other modern SaaS technologies.

But while portal technologies may seem like the tools of yester-year, the need for application integration, personalization, and connected experiences is still very much present in today’s workplace.

However, what many companies don’t realize is that not all portals are created equal. Forrester Research categorizes portals in two buckets: traditional, heavyweight solutions and pure-play, lightweight solutions.

Traditional, heavyweight portals sit on-premises and can support enterprises with complex needs, but require copious amounts of time to implement and maintain. Unfortunately, legacy portal technologies have not been able to keep pace with the demand for new capabilities, consistent experience across channels and scalability. Lightweight portals, on the other hand, offer a complete digital experience that is simple and easy to use, but lack the deep back-end integration and security that is often a prerequisite for large companies.

What the enterprise needs are portals that can combine the power of both heavyweight and lightweight solutions­: a portal that can punch across on-premises and the cloud as well as provide quick integration, security, and an amazing user experience will be able to truly deliver a solution for the modern digital workplace. Sapho Employee Experience Portal consists of five key elements that create a continuous, consistent experience that empowers every department of an organization:

  1. Flexible deployment options: Sapho Employee Experience Portal is built to fit into any company’s existing infrastructure as well as isolate and secure your data. Sapho can be run in your enterprise data center as a Java application, or it can be deployed cloud native into your Amazon, Google, or Microsoft virtual private clouds.
  2. Easy integration of all of your systems: Intelligently integrate relevant data from your existing business systems—whether they are legacy, on-premises, or SaaS—using Sapho’s patent-pending Extract, Transform, Notify (ETN) technology. Sapho Employee Experience Portal provides deep integration in order to deliver all the important information your employees need in a single digital portal.
  3. Simplified workflows:  Sapho uses micro apps (instead of portlets) to simplify task completion by surfacing relevant system changes, or events, from enterprise systems and allow employees to complete actions that write back to enterprise applications.
  4. Proactive, personalized delivery to any channel: Sapho delivers valuable business data, personalized insights, important system events, and high-priority tasks that can be delivered on any mobile device, intranet, or messaging.
  5. Enterprise-grade security: Sapho allows companies to leverage their existing security and compliance practices, with no risk to business-critical data, while allowing them to deliver the engaging user experiences and streamlined business processes that the modern workforce craves.

Sapho is the only portal designed for the modern digital workplace. It transforms employee channels, including intranets, mobile devices, and messengers, into modern portals that provide employees with a single view into all their systems. By integrating enterprise systems, simplifying business processes, and delivering work anywhere, Sapho allows employees to complete tasks at any time, on the channel of their choice, to drastically improve employee experience and productivity. Sapho combines the power of heavyweight portals with the structure of lightweight portals to enable the digital workplace.

Ready to learn more? Read how Sapho helped CBS Interactive transform employee experience, improve application adoption, and bring value back to employees.


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