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Document previews, connector updates, new security options, and more in Sapho 4.1

Sapho 4.1 is packed with new features and updates. Let’s take a look!

View your documents and images anywhere

If you store your PDFs, office documents, or images in databases or other data stores, Sapho allows you to display them on smart devices at any time, no matter where you are.

PDF viewer in Sapho 4.1

Display your SharePoint data

Sapho already supports running micro apps within SharePoint and now it also allows you to pull data, such as lists and other content, from SharePoint and build micro apps on top of it.

SharePoint People data in Sapho 4.1

Enhancements to turnkey micro apps

We are rolling out a new concept of micro apps with a stronger focus on role-based tasks. As a result, we’ve added a lot of new turnkey micro apps to Sapho in this release to help you dig the most useful information out of your corporate systems in a matter of seconds.

We have split individual functions like submitting, approving, or searching (e.g. Concur or Expensify expense reports) into different turnkey micro apps to make it easier to complete specific actions faster.

Concur and JIRA micro apps in Sapho 4.1 And since the number of micro app templates is continuing to grow, you can now select which micro app templates you would like to create in Sapho, instead of automatically creating them all at once.

Micro apps selection dialog window

New linking options for micro app pages

If you need to link two pages in a micro app that are based on different business objects, you must manually set up transition settings in order for Sapho to understand what you want to show and how it should behave.

Sapho now supports manually setting up page transitions from a list of records to the record detail page of a related entity. For instance, this can be used when you want to navigate a user from a specific record in a list of Salesforce opportunities to the related account detail page.

Page to page variable setup in Sapho 4.1

Call phone button

Buttons in micro apps can provide users with many different actions based on company data. In the case that you store phone numbers, you can now directly make phone calls from Sapho using the brand new call phone action. For instance, sales reps can easily make phone calls to your customers while in the field.

Add Call Phone button action in Sapho 4.1

Handling errors via Javascript

By default, Sapho generates error messages to cover many potential fail cases. As Sapho’s front-end SDK continues to grow and the number of possible scenarios increases, the out-of-box error handling may not fit precisely with your business logic. To remedy this, we added the ability to use Javascript code to tailor your error messages for any situation.

Custom Javascript error messages in Sapho 4.1

ADFS SAML & groups

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is the newest member of our security providers family. If your infrastructure is based on ADFS, your employees can now use ADFS technology for authentication when logging into their Sapho micro apps.

New Active Directory Federation Service security provider

Last but not least, the existing security provider was enhanced with user group support. So, for instance, you can now restrict which user groups have access to which micro apps.

Auth0 security provider with user group supports in Sapho 4.1

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