How enterprise software can help meet employee experience expectations

Employees are the most valuable resource businesses have. We’re already seeing the evidence in the way employee experience expectations are shifting—and in the way organizations are rethinking processes and restructuring to meet them.

A rush of new technologies has brought the future within reach. Machine learning, the cloud, automation, and other innovations are changing the way people work, plunging enterprise software into a period of upheaval as organizations scramble to give employees the tools they need to maximize productivity in the modern workplace. The transition can be rough for many companies, as new ways of working collide with outdated systems and processes. However, solutions, like Sapho, are helping to bridge the gap between old and new, allowing companies to deliver the future of work, today.

The disappearing cubicle

The traditional social contract between employers and employees ran on utility. Companies needed work done. Employees had bills to pay. Employers provided the basic necessities for the job, which in a typical office have evolved over time from a desk, notepad, and phone to include a cubicle and a computer.

But workplaces are shifting from physical to virtual spaces—and the basic necessities that employees need to work have drastically changed.

Office walls are dissolving, and remote work is becoming so common, eventually there won’t be a separate word for it. Instead of a cubicle and a desk, today’s employees expect digital workplaces that allow them to connect seamlessly to their enterprise systems, no matter where they are, or what device they’re using.

As a result, workers increasingly need tools that enable more flexible working conditions and give them access to tasks and information throughout the day without being required to use a specific device or be at the office.

Employee experience portals like Sapho are already delivering  this future by securely connecting employees to the high-priority tasks and key insights they need to complete work while providing a streamlined user experience that remains consistent, no matter what device or platform they’re using. Using micro apps, Sapho surfaces personalized tasks and information from existing systems and delivers them to employees wherever they are–on any device, intranet, or messenger. The result is a seamless, consistent experience across all the tools employees use to complete work and make decisions, providing them with the same application experiences they’ve come to expect.

Consider, for example, a sales manager who’s still out for a morning run when an important deal closes. Instead of finding out about it at the office, they receive an immediate notification from Sapho, respond instantly, and go back to running without missing a beat.

Transforming employee productivity

As the nature of work has evolved, so has our concept of productivity and how to be more productive. Managers once timed employees with stopwatches and developed repeatable business processes to shave precious seconds off task completion times. Today, they are turning to tools that leverage emerging technologies, such as automation and machine learning, to eliminate unnecessary busywork and free up employees’ time so they can focus on the work that drives business growth.

As consumers, we’ve witnessed the way mobile technology can transform our daily lives by making it easy for us to accomplish more in less time. Employees now expect to have the same ease of access at work, where repetitive tasks and clunky communication channels, such as email, continue to take up far too much time.

Consider, again, the sales manager in the example above. In a typical company, they most likely have a pile of work waiting for them every morning: PTO and expense requests that need to be approved, campaigns that need to be tracked—not to mention an inbox full of emails they will need to sort through and answer. They might end up spending most of their morning  just getting caught up on busywork.

With Sapho, however, they can clear these tasks off their plate before they get to the office. While drinking their morning coffee, they can approve requests with a single click, check in on the latest campaign metrics, and notify their team of any needed adjustments without having to log into additional systems. By the time they get to work, they are ready to dive in and focus on projects that move the needle. That’s what the future of productivity looks like, and it’s available now.

As organizations continue to move toward a future in which employees enjoy a more fluid and productive workday, Sapho Employee Experience Portal helps them meet employee expectations by providing a solution that is specifically designed for the needs of a digital workforce.

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