Facebook Workplace and SharePoint integration head up the new features in Sapho 3.6

Now delivering to Facebook Workplace

Facebook is on a mission to boost employee productivity with their new Workplace platform, and since that’s one of our key missions at Sapho as well, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join forces. Sapho now integrates seamlessly with Facebook Workplace, allowing employees to receive notification cards from Sapho micro apps in their Workplace groups.


The settings of Facebook Workplace cards are very similar to the other event channels in Sapho. You can adjust the card’s title, body, action label, link to Sapho micro app, and also the Workplace group the cards are delivered to.


Sapho micro apps within SharePoint

Microsoft’s leading document management and storage system has turned into a robust platform over its years of development and operation. It’s also open for 3rd party software integrations and we’ve added SharePoint Online to our list of supported embeds. Now you can render Sapho micro apps within your SharePoint account.


Setting up the Sapho widget for SharePoint is very straightforward. You can find it with other configuration details on the Embed tab of the micro app’s Publish section. Simply copy the iframe’s HTML code and paste it into a snippet on a SharePoint page to start benefitting from the power of Sapho.


And if you want to use your Microsoft Azure Active Directory’s single sign-on functionality with SharePoint, you can simply configure your Azure Active Directory security provider right in Sapho.

New and improved integrations

As Atlassian decided to shut down one of its core products, Bamboo, we had to decide where to migrate our continuous integration infrastructure. CircleCI won out in the end, and to make our lives easier, we decided to create a CircleCI connector so we could deploy new versions of Sapho across our environments using a Sapho micro app. We liked it so much that the CircleCI connector and a corresponding template micro app are now available for our product.

Our GitHub integration was also enhanced in 3.6. We extended its capabilities to support not only private but also public repositories, issues, and pull requests, so you can also work with publicly available data.

Finally, we added support for workflows in our JIRA integration. Now you can use your Sapho micro apps to easily move your JIRA issues across various workflow stages. When combined with our card buttons, this new functionality makes managing workflows in JIRA a breeze.


Compliance in the spotlight

One of the key differentiators of Sapho in comparison to BI tools and data warehouses is that Sapho allows for data write-backs to its integrated systems. Since keeping data secure and consistent is very important, we improved our Audit Log feature that tracks which users performed which write-back actions. Your audit and infosec remediation teams will be happy for the ability to trace all performed actions in case of any kind of issue.


As you can see this release was packed full of powerful integrations, but we’ll share a little secret with you – the next release will be even richer!

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Lukas Burkon

Lukas Burkon is the Lead Product Manager at Sapho. Prior to Sapho, he was a freelance software engineer, founder of his own digital agency, and has been a product owner of several SaaS services.

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