New business logic for components, enhanced events, and OData web services integration among highlights in Sapho 5.2

Here are the new features and improvements you can look forward to in the 5.2 release.

Introducing business logic for dynamic workflows

Sapho components are the building blocks of micro app pages. In Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.2, our component library got more powerful with the introduction of business logic, enabling developers to quickly create customized workflows that fit common business scenarios without requiring JavaScript. For example, this can be used to create responsive forms that render different fields based on the input conditions of the previous field.

Now, the majority of input components, such as text fields in forms, feature a new Logic section where micro app developers can define conditions that are evaluated on page load and whenever any component value changes. Conditions have paths for both true and false evaluation where users can add actions to manipulate the components on a page. The list of available actions covers most common use cases for dynamic forms, such as enabling/disabling components, showing/hiding components, or setting component values.

With the advent of business logic, components on a page can modify the properties and states of other components. In addition, we also introduced a “Show Component Logic” view that provides micro app developers with an overview of all the business logic that has been implemented on a page.

Interesting metrics for periodic reports

As of this release, Sapho will leverage its machine learning capabilities to automatically uncover important data from your business applications, such as Concur and Workday, and business intelligence systems like Microsoft BI. Now, periodic reports will include the ability to set up a condition that monitors for when a business metric appears to be “unexpected” when compared to previous reports.

When meaningful shifts or anomalies occur, employees will receive personalized notifications about key events, such as abnormal increases in team travel expenses or regional sales decreases, without having to spend time generating reports or analyzing dashboards.

New audience option for events

In order to create more engaging experiences for employees, it’s important to be able to push new content or information to the employees who find it most relevant. That’s why we’ve extended our targeting capabilities to include sending notifications to a user group whose ID or name is defined in the record that triggers an event.  This feature is especially useful when the audience of the notification can’t be configured upfront by developers for broadcast and survey micro apps, meaning the audience can change dynamically based on the content of each entry.

Send personalized content with our new Broadcast micro apps

In Sapho 5.2, we introduced two new micro apps focused on creating and sharing content to unified workfeeds and across other support channels. The Sapho Broadcast Admin micro app features a rich text editor that can be used by employees to create broadcast messages or send video content.  In addition, we also created a Broadcast Client micro app where employees can receive and consume any new content from across the organization in a single place.

New OData connector

To unlock another level of integration capabilities, we released a new connector for OData version 3.0 web services with JSON Verbose Format support. This built-in connector also supports NTLM authentication and incremental synchronization.

Max page width property

In order to improve how our micro apps look when they are viewed on larger monitors, we added a new property to help with spacing in the Sizes section of the Look configuration. This property limits the width of pages to a certain number of pixels, after which, the content of the page is boxed and centered.

That’s all for Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.2! Follow the Sapho blog to keep up to date on how we’re driving the future of work. We can’t wait to tell you more in a few weeks!

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