How a modern portal augments your existing BPM solutions

It’s common for a large enterprise to have numerous workflow tools and business process management (BPM) systems in place. Different BPMs are typically purchased over time for different use cases across different business units, and also brought in due to various acquisitions. It is typically very difficult to replace BPM and workflow implementations since they are often at the center of complex business processes that touch many functional units.

Employees often need to touch a variety of systems, but in a lightweight manner, such as to perform an approval. BPM’s are not well suited to this type of “micro flow” since it requires an easily customizable user interface and the ability for an employee to tailor notifications to their preferences.

Employees can use modern micro flows to invoke and interact with more complex business processes using the web service interfaces to existing BPM solutions. For example, in a quote-to-cash business process, there are typically approvals needed by managers that are not in the sales or finance organization and that rarely use the quote-to-cash system on a regular basis.

Since micro flows typically require some type of interaction with a user, they can leverage notification features in mobile devices and messengers. Such simple, easy-to-use micro flows make it easy to fully integrate contributors into a more macro, BPM-based workflow.

We at Sapho are fans of making work easy, and combining things like approvals to an SAP ERP along with quote-to-cash approvals for a BPM is a great example of how a modern portal can increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

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Peter Yared

Peter Yared is the Founder & CTO at Sapho. Previously, he was the CTO/CIO of CBS Interactive and the founder of four enterprise infrastructure companies. Peter regularly writes about technology trends and has written for the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and TechCrunch.

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