Getting enterprise app development done right is no easy task, but it’s essential to implementing successful modern workflows in today’s business world. And with the emergence of simple, task-based apps in the consumer world, employees are clamoring for new apps at work. Unfortunately, new workplace apps aren’t coming fast enough – according to a recent survey by Forrester, more than half of employees say their employers have released just three mobile apps or less. Based on the present expectations for the types of tools and software employees want to use for work, this pace simply doesn’t cut it. 

While you might be tempted to blame it on the organization – or the IT or development team—it’s not necessarily their fault. Enterprise apps must be built the right way if they will have any chance at replacing old workflows. In other words, they must not only be easy-to-use and easy to integrate with, but they must also be able to monitor all important backend systems. That’s easier said than done, considering that Gartner says 70 percent of the cost of mobile app development projects is from custom integration.

But what if some of the most important, time-consuming integration and development work was out of the box? 

Sapho micro apps were designed with features that ensure speedy development without any extra effort from IT teams. Here’s a look at the three key ways Sapho helps accelerate your app development:  

  • Out-of-the-box connectors: Sapho speeds up app creation with connectors that connect to and integrate across existing business systems. This reduces development time and costs commonly found when connecting a new platform to existing systems and extracting the relevant data to deliver information people need to do their job. Our platform includes pre-built connectors for business systems, homegrown internal software, SaaS apps, web services, databases, and data warehouses. We offer integrations with numerous systems and are continuing to add more. In fact, our latest release (version 3.2) included integrations with Box, IBM Watson Workplace, Google Analytics, and Zendesk.
  • Micro app templates combined with a drag-and-drop builder: Sapho includes pre-built micro app templates to make getting started with useful apps easy. Furthermore, the simple drag-and-drop app builder enables IT teams and developers to customize these templates and create new micro apps in minutes. These flexible templates mean developers don’t have to start building an entirely new app; instead they can leverage proven apps for various workflows. In addition to speed, Sapho’s micro app templates offer developers the ability to create omnichannel apps – apps that will run on mobile and desktop devices, in a browser, email, or in communications clients such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.
  • A focus on micro, not just mobile: The process of bringing a desktop app to mobile fails on multiple points – time, usability, and feature bloat. When building mobile apps, app development times drag on as developers try to recreate every single desktop feature, which is both time-consuming and creates a horrible user experience with more functionality than a person can use on a mobile device. Sapho micro app templates are meant to bring just the functionality and workflows that are needed from existing apps. This expedites the app development process and encourages teams to embrace simple, modern workflows without the fear of being dragged down by lengthy projects that are difficult to create and maintain. These templates also prompt developers to approach apps differently: Instead of thinking of them as mobile only, we want them to consider the power of small, action-based apps that can be used on any device or channel. 

As our CTO and co-founder Peter Yared puts it, app development is going micro, and the need for speed is more crucial than ever before. Sapho is committed to helping app development and IT teams build better and faster as they work towards delivering the next generation of apps. 

Check out this short video to learn more about how Sapho micro apps improve productivity, efficiency, and engagement.


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Elle Sidell

Elle Sidell is a Digital Marketing Manager at Sapho. She joins from AVG Technologies where she worked on web content for business stakeholders. Her previous experience includes content creation, copywriting, and managing the online presence of several SaaS services.

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