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How Sapho Employee Experience Portal enables enterprises to finally leverage data to its full potential

It’s no surprise the digital workplace is expanding at a rapid pace. More and more, employees expect consumer-like application experiences at work, and organizations are constantly looking for ways to use innovative technologies to engage them and make it easier to get work done.

Whether it’s integrating a new virtual meeting tool that allows employees to have cross country meetings without dropping calls or a new mobile app that allows employees to complete tasks out of the office, the digital workplace is helping to drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation. And yet a main pitfall remains: IT leaders are still struggling to solve their employee’s inability to effectively use collected data.

As an example, today, 91 percent of companies struggle to get data insights quickly enough and 57 percent of employees say the amount of data they work with has increased drastically.  Because of this and other data access challenges, employees spend nearly two hours a day searching and gathering information, which ends up totaling 20 percent of an organization’s time. Imagine what all could be accomplished if you had that time back.

But, let’s take a step back. Your organization is already taking steps to leverage its data better and improve workflows—what makes this any different? The answer is simple, there is a difference between promising benefits to transform a work experience and actually simplifying the process.

For example, right now your employees have to use around ten different enterprise applications to complete their daily work, and each has its own set of data that can end up isolated in data silos—cut off and inaccessible from the rest of the organization. Adding more apps for employees won’t make accessing or analyzing data any easier for employees. What companies need is a way to integrate all their existing enterprise systems, monitor those systems for important changes, and then proactively deliver the most important, relevant information to employees on any device, intranet, or messenger.

That’s where Sapho comes in. Sapho Employee Experience Portal provides employees with a single view into all their enterprise applications—whether they are legacy, on-premises, or SaaS—helping to save time, reduce frustration, and fuel engagement and productivity. Sapho uses micro apps to surface personalized, role-specific information, such as important systems events, data changes, and time-critical tasks, providing employees with the information they need to make informed decisions, right when the need it.

Additionally, Sapho leverages machine learning to learn the personal preferences and habits of employees and provide better notifications and updates based on this information. This ensures the right information goes to the right person at the right time, allowing employees to use information and data more effectively to get their jobs done.

The time has come for businesses to make well-informed and proactive decisions. No more making decisions based on “intuition”, no more wishing you had seen the data ahead of time, and no more hoping employees have the data skills to identify insights that drive impactful changes. Empower your organization with the tools that proactively surface the personalized business data that matters most from all the systems employees use, so everyone wins.

Ready to learn more about how organizations are using Sapho to empower employees? 

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