Technology is constantly transforming both the way we live and the way we work. No matter where we are, technology is always at our fingertips, allowing us to easily connect whenever we want. We are “always on” in one way or another. From the computer at your office or your tablet at home, to the mobile device in your pocket, there is hard­ly a moment when you aren’t in contact with some form of technology.

Today, we can work, collaborate, and communicate anytime, anywhere, creating work environments that are less structured and more flexible. According to Gartner, 50 percent of team communication will occur via mobile apps by 2020. The rise of the digital workplace means that enterprise communication and collaboration are becoming more seamless, with advancements in technology at the forefront of improving the digital tools available to employees. Machine learning, natural language processing, and push computing are enhancing the way we work every day, ushering in a new era of employee engagement.

Here’s how these technologies, when used with Sapho, are impacting the digital workplace:

  1. Machine Learning (ML): Sapho leverages machine learning to make employees more efficient and productive, by learning their preferences for what, when, and how they want information delivered and then displaying more relevant information over time. Employees no longer have to waste their time searching through multiple systems to find what they need. As a result, employees receive a personalized feed containing relevant information and high-priority tasks. And as ML gains more insights, workflows and processes have the potential to become more streamlined.
  2.  Natural Language Processing (NLP): Similar to the Alexa assistant in the consumer space, NLP is gaining traction in the workplace as conversational smart agents help convert human language into something a computer can understand. The use of Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant is translating into the enterprise and NLP is necessary for creating those bots to communicate digitally. For example, Microsoft Teams supports intelligent bots, using natural language processing to help learn about experts in your organization. With Sapho’s recent integration with Microsoft Teams, employees have the option to add the Sapho bot to one-on-one conversations or groups to make it easier to gather information and streamline workflows.
  3. Push Computing: With push computing, systems anticipate what you want to know and deliver data without being asked to provide it. For example, a push notification can send data that is interesting and relevant to employees on an individual level, enabling them to be more productive and effective at work. Sapho’s modern portal experience still provides the valuable capability of aggregating information from various business systems into a single place, but also leverages push computing to make access to information easier and more convenient. The most relevant information and critical tasks are pushed to a personalized feed that can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices, messenger clients, and browser or intranet sites.

Let’s face it, most employees hate using enterprise software because it’s clunky and difficult to use. Sapho is breaking up traditional barriers between applications and turning traditional systems of record (like SAP and Oracle) into systems of engagement (like Facebook). Instead of employees going and searching for information, system data about critical business events can be pushed to the right person so they can instantly take action and accomplish tasks.

Business leaders need to be more agile in adopting new ideas and supporting technology advancements in order to improve overall employee engagement and satisfaction. By assisting employees to get their work done in the most efficient way possible, machine learning, natural language processing, and push computing will be key elements to achieving a successful digital workplace strategy.   

Watch this short video to see how Sapho transforms systems of record into systems of engagement: 


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Elle Sidell

Elle Sidell is a Digital Marketing Manager at Sapho. She joins from AVG Technologies where she worked on web content for business stakeholders. Her previous experience includes content creation, copywriting, and managing the online presence of several SaaS services.

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