Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.3: More integration, overhauled publishing to endpoints, and a cool new micro app component

Here are some of the new features and enhancements you can look forward to in our latest release.

Publish tab

As Sapho Employee Experience Portal evolves, so does the number of ways in which our users can take full advantage of its feature set. We’ve added so many new and varied publishing endpoints that we decided to reevaluate the way in which we were handling publishing in general. In 4.3, we introduced a dedicated publishing section that lets you manage all of the possible publishing endpoints across all your apps in one place.


Page hero component

We’re all about breaking down complex processes into simple, single-step workflows — atomic units of work — to increase productivity, but we also think visual design is important.. To help add a little more visual appeal to your micro apps, Sapho Builder now comes with a page hero component that can be completely customized to fit your needs. You can use static images or those from your data set, set a custom title (including values from underlying data), and even set up different options for when your micro app is viewed from a mobile device or desktop computer. This is just one more way that Sapho makes it easy for you to tailor your modern portal to your company brand.


Contextual help

If you haven’t yet noticed yet, we have a large selection of valuable how-to articles in the Knowledge Center on our website. However, sifting through them all may prove daunting to new users looking for assistance with one particular topic. To make finding help easier than ever, we have now linked our how-to articles to the corresponding sections of Sapho Builder, providing immediate insight into the task at hand.


Materialized view connector

There are some cases when the need for data access performance outweighs the importance of how up-to-date a query result set is, especially when dealing with complex queries. For those cases, Sapho now supports the creation of materialized views for any of our database integrations. Simply supply the query, set how often it should be run, and Sapho does the rest. Once they are set up, you can use the data in your materialized views as a basis for your micro apps and notifications.


Integration enhancements

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management

Last release we announced a new integration with SAP SuccessFactors and this release we made things even better with enhanced support for its Learning Management module, including new turnkey micro apps. Users can now browse and enroll in courses via Sapho and even receive notifications about popular courses. Plus, instructors can also take advantage of an additional micro app, which provides an overall view of course enrollment and rosters for each course.


Enhanced load filtering for Concur and JIRA

First introduced for Salesforce way back in Sapho 3.8, enhanced load filtering allows users to define custom filter expressions for certain entities to limit the amount of synchronized data. This provides a flexible means of honing in on active data, while at the same time improving performance. This time around we’ve added enhanced load filtering for two of most popular integrations—Concur and JIRA.


As always, we have a bunch of other great features in the pipeline so check back soon for more updates.

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David Eckels

David Eckels is a Product Manager at Sapho. He previously worked as a product manager for a large ICT vendor and has also delivered advisory services with several firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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