Sapho 5.0 adds new Humanity and PeopleSoft HCM integrations to support hourly workers

Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.0. is here! Let’s take a look at the main highlights from our latest release.

At Sapho, we recognize the need to help organizations provide hourly workers with secure access to the tasks and company information they need to thrive in their positions. Hourly workers usually have limited access to company resources as they are not typically managed on the same identity system as salaried employees and often do not have email accounts. Therefore, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding Sapho Employee Experience Portal to support the requirements of an hourly workforce.

New Humanity integration simplifies workforce management

Humanity is a modern workforce management system that helps enterprises manage their workforce with administrative shift management, training programs, absence requests, and more.

With Sapho, you can now integrate Humanity and enable frontline workers to view their upcoming shifts and request to work available shifts. In addition, managers have the ability to approve shift requests and assign employees to incomplete shifts. Using our pre-built micro app templates, organizations can notify groups of frontline workers about new shifts available to pick up or notify managers about upcoming shifts that are not fully covered.

Oracle PeopleSoft integration: Time reporting made easy

Oracle PeopleSoft provides comprehensive business solutions, including human capital management, financial management solutions, supply chain management, etc., which enable organizations to increase productivity and accelerate business performance.

As part of our continuous efforts to extend our employee experience portal to support hourly workers, we are excited to announce our integration with PeopleSoft HCM, which enables seamless time reporting and timesheet approvals. We’ve also created pre-built micro app templates for activities, such as clocking in or out or submitting time entry. Managers and project owners can also approve or reject employee timesheets right from Sapho.

Unified workfeed enhancements

We’re always focused on finding new ways to improve our unified workfeed to ensure task and notification management is as effective as possible. With 5.0, we’ve released a few new improvements to our unified workfeed that will give employees more control over how cards appear in their feeds.

Now, desktop users will have a new Feed Summary page, shown whenever their feed is open, which automatically shows the number of cards employees have for each micro app. Admins will also be able to mark cards from a specific event as tasks, so employees can filter their feed and display cards that contain tasks first.

Employees will also benefit from a new View option in their feeds, which allows them to filter cards using  the following options:

  • All by Relevance
  • All by Date
  • All by Source
  • Tasks by Date
  • Tasks by Source

Enhanced feed cards for more personalized notifications

Many of our Sapho customers have expressed the need to distinguish between high and low priorities when managing cards in their feeds. Sapho now allows you to mark cards from a specific event as high-priority, so employees are able to see these cards first in their feeds, regardless of what view they are using.

Rich text editor for more powerful content creation

There are many situations when you need to distribute reach HTML content in Sapho, such as broadcasting company-wide announcements. With Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.0, creating HTML content just got easier. In our latest release, we introduced our rich text HTML editor that allows employees to customize the look of their content with standard text formatting options, including: bolded text, italics, font family, font size, numbers, bullet points, etc.. We have also enhanced our HTML component so it supports loading content from a data source, in addition to displaying static HTML.

New installation wizards

We’ve made it easier than ever to give Sapho Employee Experience Portal a try! When you select our on-premises deployment option here, you’ll be able to download an installer for your operating system (Windows, Linux, or macOS). The installer contains everything you need to get up and running and will walk you through the entire process. Of course, you can still download a WAR file for installation on your own server infrastructure, if you would prefer.

Additional improvements of note

In Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.0, we extended our list of supported database engines with MariaDB. Now, you’ll have the option to choose from MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

We also added support for user mentions in Slack notifications from Sapho. Now, team members of a channel can be mentioned in a notification so they are alerted about important events or high-priority tasks that require them to take action.

These were our top highlights from Sapho Employee Experience Portal 5.0. Stay tuned for more updates and new features we add in upcoming releases.

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