How eliminating internal silos enhances customer experience

As technology evolves, so do customer and employee expectations. Yet many companies aren’t taking steps to meet them.

Six benefits of cross-platform app development

With the rise of mobile workforces and bring-your-own-device programs, demand for enterprise apps that run on any device—whether desktop, laptop, or mobile—has exploded.

How enterprise software can help meet employee experience expectations

Employees are the most valuable resource businesses have. We’re already seeing the evidence in the way employee experience expectations are shifting—and in the way organizations are rethinking processes and restructuring to meet them.

How project management tasks ensure efficient workflow and positive outcomes

The ultimate goal of a project manager is to bring a project to successful fruition, beginning with the pre-planning stage and ending with project closure.

How intranets are enabling workplace productivity

More than 40 years ago, a group of business leaders speculated about what the workplace of the future would look like. George E. Pake of Xerox Corp. predicted he’d have a TV monitor sitting on his desk on which he could receive mail or messages and call up documents from his files with the press of a button.

5 employee engagement ideas to help your organization succeed

Why are so many companies looking for employee engagement ideas? Because they want to gain a crucial competitive edge in today’s economy.

6 essential features every employee experience portal must have

In an increasingly distributed workplace, your digital experience platform offers a place for employees to get work done every day. It’s where they connect, collaborate and perform the tasks that keep your organization running. So it’s important to choose a platform that meets the needs of both your company and the employees who use it.

Managing your mobile workforce successfully

Today, more people own smartphones than ever before and with the increase in the adoption of mobile devices, the number of employees expecting to access work wherever they are has also grown.

The role of the intranet in the digital workplace

Like it or not, flexible work environments are playing a key role in attracting and retaining employees. Companies that want to hire and retain the best need to be willing to break down their established structures and policies in order to engage employees.
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