[Podcast] Why the best CEOs are inspirational assholes & how to optimize decision-making within your company

I recently spoke with Harry Stebbings on many topics, including why the best CEOs are inspirational assholes. Check out the episode here.

We covered a range of topics, including:

  • How I made my way from the world of VC, to the world of CBS and media, to being a serial SaaS founder with my 4th company.
  • What I mean when I say the role of the CEO is to be an “inspirational asshole”, why this role is so crucial, and how it is embodied both in the approach to inspiring a team and driving goals and decision-making.
  • Why I am a believer that “it is about coaching and promoting rather than signal hiring”, and what I really interpret as signal hiring.
  • What I believe are the 2 fundamental benefits of “being old” in SaaS and how I respond to the suggestion that the rate of decay on experience has never been greater with Moore’s law effect on technology.

It was a fun episode and I want to thank Harry for including Sapho in this podcast! Again, check it out here.

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