Sapho 2.9 adds Workday, Concur, and other enhancements to improve work

Sapho 2.9 is an exciting release for us and our customers. We’re happy to announce two new additions to our connector family and many other feature enhancements. Continue reading for an overview of some of the features we are most excited about.

Quickly scan incoming requests from Workday

If your company uses Workday to manage human capital and financial resources, we think you’re going to be particularly pleased with this update. 

Imagine being able to approve Paid Time Off requests with the ease of two taps and move on to solving other pressing business issues, instead of having to search your inbox and then open a few browser tabs.


Imagine getting a Purchase Order request in your Sapho feed and simply tapping on the card and then on Approve or Reject to change its status.


This pre-built Workday connector includes these and other micro app templates that simplify things like reviewing POs, PTO requests, and expense reports. We help you spend as little time as possible on routine tasks, while at the same time gaining the visibility you need to make sure your organization is moving towards its targets.


Gain visibility into your expense reports from Concur

Using Concur to manage your business spending? No worries, we’ve got you covered as well. Sapho’s 2.9 release also includes a pre-built Concur connector and micro apps templates. Stay on top of the expense reports your team submits and we’ll ensure they get timely updates about status changes.



Get notified about your workforce availability and schedule events right from Sapho

Knowing when a member of your team is going to be on leave is crucial for any manager. Here is where our integration with Google Calendar comes in handy. Keep track of when your team members are off for holidays or are out of office by getting weekly reminders from group calendars like Vacations or Travel. 

In addition, with this update, you can schedule events in Google Calendar and invite attendees right from the Sapho app. This enhancement helps Sapho continue on its mission to enable employees to complete their business tasks from a single place.

Salesforce custom objects & fields are now available

If your organization uses custom objects and fields in Salesforce, Sapho just got even better for you. This release adds support for Salesforce custom objects and fields making your Salesforce micro apps even more powerful and versatile.


Deliver email updates for things you’d like to keep an eye on

An email archive of your business events, approvals, or any other relevant update can be very handy in all sorts of situations. That’s why, in addition to push notifications, cards, and Slack notifications, we have added a new notification delivery channel – email. In many companies, email remains the main medium of communication. If you fall into this camp, let us help you minimize the number of clicks or taps required to access the information you need and complete the tasks you need to accomplish.


The past few weeks has brought a rich set of functionality to enhance your business processes and free the focus of your employees to activities that are both more demanding and more rewarding. There are plenty more updates coming up, so stay tuned!

Want to test drive Sapho? Try our demo now and be creating micro apps in minutes! 


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