Sapho 3.0: Adds support for SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft systems

While others were enjoying the last weeks of summer, we have been working hard to integrate more of your existing systems into Sapho. This version of Sapho brings four new important connectors with pre-built micro apps as well as a bunch of enhancements to the Sapho Builder and the Sapho App.

Sapho integrates with SAP to modernize the user experience

There is no need to introduce SAP, a well-known market-leading enterprise software vendor. SAP helps thousands of enterprises worldwide run their businesses by supporting their business processes. While powerful, SAP’s user interface can be cumbersome. To address this, Sapho has released its SAP connector and turnkey micro apps to help corporate employees perform common tasks quickly and easily.

For example, buyers and procurement agents are busy analyzing and choosing suppliers or negotiating the terms of contracts. Sapho’s SAP micro apps allow users to release pre-defined purchase orders to assigned suppliers from mobile phones, Slack, and other channels. SAP micro apps increase employee efficiency and allow employees to spend their time doing more important tasks, such as finding and choosing the best suppliers for their business.


SAP is also widely used for financial accounting and travel expense management. The Sapho micro apps for SAP accelerate and simplify the expense approval process. With the Sapho micro app, senior team managers, team leaders, and supervisors will get an overview of all travel expenses and receipts of their subordinates and have a “one click to approve” option without having to open the SAP client.


Finally, have you ever needed to make a last minute request for time off, but you were not at your desktop computer logged into SAP? Nothing is easier than creating a PTO request in our SAP micro app. Upon request, managers are notified wherever they are so they can quickly approve the request and you can begin your planning.

There are almost no limitations to SAP implementations and Sapho can integrate with all of your custom SAP entities and processes. Please feel free to contact us with your needs and ideas, so we can continuously extend the available entities and actions in our SAP connector to help you simplify and modernize your legacy workflows.

Smarter approval workflows with the new Oracle E-business Suite (EBS) connector

The Sapho 3.0 release includes a connector to Oracle E-business Suite (EBS) R12, another leading ERP vendor. The Sapho connector and pre-built micro apps are focused on simplifying the approval processes of purchase orders and personal expenses. The Sapho micro apps for Oracle EBS deliver tasks directly into your Sapho feed, where performing actions like Approve and Reject take less than a minute.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Power BI are now integrated!

In addition to Sapho’s extensive support of Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory, we added support for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft shops can quickly connect Sapho to their systems and deliver a truly modern experience to employees on any device.

The Sapho micro apps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are turnkey and can track cases, leads, opportunities, and their status changes as well as accounts and all related contacts. Plus actions like adding new leads, closing incidents or opportunities, or creating tasks are improved with Sapho’s micro workflows.


Microsoft Power BI is bundled with Office 365 and is increasingly popular. Power BI helps companies visualize important business data and provides them with insights into company trends that are updated real time. With our new Microsoft Power BI connector, you are able to incorporate all important reports and dashboard tiles into Sapho micro apps. You can also trigger events based on any data changes in the underlying databases that take users directly to the corresponding Power BI tile.


There are numerous improvements to the Sapho Builder and Sapho App as well. Worth particular mention is event personalization, which allows employees to modify notification thresholds to ensure they are only delivered updates that are of interest to them. We have also updated our turnkey micro apps across all of our connectors with new features and a more unified look.


We are excited to ship our extensive legacy ERP support for SAP and Oracle EBS, as well as increase our integration with Microsoft technologies. Let us know what you think!

Interested in learning more about Sapho? Check out our product page.


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Jozef Skripko

Jozef Skripko is a Product Manager at Sapho. He joins from, the number one online Czech company, where he last worked as a Business Development Manager. He has also held multiple product management positions with location intelligence projects like and Cleerio.

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