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 What is a micro app?

A micro app is a small, task-specific application with highly targeted functionality. The goal of a micro app is to enable users to accomplish single-purpose activities more quickly and simply than with many mobile, web, or desktop apps, which often have far too many features.

Even though you might not know you’ve used a micro app, you’ve most likely come across them before. The most notable examples you see on a day-to-day basis are from Google. Google often returns both cards and micro apps as the result of a search query – cards offer information but no interaction; micro apps expect interaction.

For example, if you were to type “flights from Boston to NYC” into the search bar, Google would respond with a pre-populated micro app that offers two or three functions that allow you to see prices of flights and tweak the times and dates of your trip. This allows the user to see the information they need and make the initial decisions for a trip without using a web application. 

Essentially, the goal of a micro app is to give you the ability to get something done without leaving the environment you’re in – whether on a desktop computer, mobile device, or a social and collaboration platform. For Google, that environment is the search page, but it can be just about anywhere. While micro apps are growing in popularity in mainstream platforms, they’re also increasingly being adopted in the enterprise due to their ability to present information quickly, provide usable functionality, and spark widespread adoption.

How does Sapho use micro apps?

You have probably experienced how frustrating it is to approve an expense report or sign off on a vacation request, especially from a mobile phone. Why? Because once you get the automated email, you must sign into a different system (likely behind the firewall) with the correct credentials, find the appropriate action, and complete the task. Using Sapho’s micro apps makes all those tasks far more manageable.

Sapho acts much like a Facebook news feed for business. It delivers actionable information, via cards , based on specific enterprise events. This feed is personalized to deliver relevant business information directly to your employees.


Once employees access their business news feed, they have the ability to drill into additional details and complete tasks (see the example above). If employees see a card in their feed with high-level information about an event – in this case, an expense report that was submitted – they can get more information by clicking into the card to get to the details and required tasks. The card and its associated tasks are powered by a micro app. From there, users can complete simple tasks (like approving expense reports and responding to customers), without having to log into multiple systems.

The simplicity of micro apps not only serves to help to get things done faster and prevent bottlenecks, it also drives increased engagement and productivity among employees. If employees can get access to information and complete tasks hassle free, it enables them to make better business decisions even faster.

Watch this video to see how Sapho micro apps improve productivity for employees:

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