Sapho + IBM Watson Workspace: Collaboration and productivity made easy

This week at World of Watson, IBM announced its new communication platform called Watson Workspace. This new platform was created to facilitate natural conversations between groups of employees. There is no doubt that Watson Workspace is a huge step forward in helping employees better communicate and work together. This is why we are excited about our new partnership with IBM – together, we have made Workspace the latest channel by which Sapho can deliver actionable work data, insights, and tasks generated from customers’ existing IBM and other enterprise systems to enable better decision making and improve productivity.

For those who don’t know us, Sapho enables organizations to build secure micro apps, on top of existing enterprise systems, that provide employees proactive insights and one-click task completion from a personalized Facebook-like feed.

With the integration announced today, organizations can deliver proactive insights and simplified workflows across all of their systems securely into their collaborative workspace. On stage at World of Watson, IBM demonstrated how Sapho makes it easy to deliver employees using Workspace relevant information from existing enterprise systems like SAP, Marketo, and Google so that they can collaborate to get work done.


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Now, our integration isn’t just easy for employees, it also is easy for app builders. Using Sapho, people building apps can simply choose Watson Workplace as a channel and push updates to employees.




One of the most interesting features in Watson Workspace is how employees can push a button and have the Watson AI technology automatically sort through a conversation and pull out action items. This combination of Sapho with Watson AI will only do more to highlight Sapho events and bring them to the top an employees feed.


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“Today we rolled out IBM Watson Workspace to help employees cut through the clutter and simply get work done. Alongside that news, we’re also proud to announce that our Workspace customers can leverage notifications and micro apps from Sapho that integrate with business data,” said Luis Benitez, Product Lead at IBM Watson Workspace. “Sapho’s simple deployment, security and ability to connect legacy and modern SaaS systems will bring efficiency and productivity benefits to IBM customers.”

As our research shows, bringing personalized information directly to employees is paramount, as consumer apps have shifted the traditional ‘pull’ computing paradigm that required users to purposefully seek out information to a new push computing era that brings together custom feeds, actionable push notifications, and real-time information to deliver value to a user before they know they need something. Our partnership with IBM brings even more personalization to employees by allowing them to receive information that matters to them using their personal communication client.

We congratulate IBM on this fantastic launch and are excited about how our partnership will help our shared customers improve efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

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