Sapho keynotes this year’s Digital Workplace Experience conference

We are excited to announce that Sapho will be heading out to this year’s Digital Workplace Experience conference (DWX) in Chicago, where we will be speaking in the keynote as well as a breakout session, as one of the marquee sponsors alongside Microsoft and other industry leaders. During this three-day conference, which takes place June 18-20, DWX attendees will have the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most successful digital workplace solutions through live presentations and workshops. Our very own CEO Fouad ElNaggar will be leading two sessions: one around the ways companies can drive measurable ROI from digital workplace platforms, and another around the tangible ways Sapho customers have improved employee experience and productivity using an employee experience platform.

The timing of this event could not be any better as recently Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a study on how organization’s day-to-day workplace IT systems can have a huge impact on attracting and retaining skilled workers. At a time when technology is such an integral part of our personal lives, this event discusses the practices and tools that empower organizations make technology work on behalf of employees. When employees feel that their time is being wasted on outdated technology and manual tasks, there is more room for dissatisfaction and turnover, something companies cannot have.

Over the years, organizations have spent billions of dollars on enterprise systems that are no longer meeting the needs of employees, which unfortunately means the tools are going unused. Our employee experience portal transforms workplace software — like Salesforce, Oracle, and IBM — into a place that provides employees with a single, actionable view of their systems so they can get work done quickly and efficiently.

“When companies get to the point where they are worried about losing their workforce due to cumbersome IT software, something has to change” says Fouad ElNaggar, CEO and co-founder of Sapho. “The Digital Workplace Experience conference is focused on the needs of today’s employees and we’re excited to be sharing Sapho with a community of people who are looking for a solution to yesterday’s inefficient business technology.”

If you would like to hear more from our CEO, Fouad will be leading the following discussions at DWX:

You can also follow along on social media with the hashtag #DWX18 for other exciting updates coming out of the conference.

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