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Sapho makes delivering Microsoft Actionable Messages easy

 Ever wish you could get more value out of the time you spend in your inbox? Tired of logging in and out of legacy systems like SAP? Sapho extends its modern portal experience to allow employees to complete workflows and write back to a system of record directly from their Outlook.  

In May of this year, Microsoft released Actionable Messages to help users get more out of their enterprise systems and the time they spend on email. Actionable Messages enable users to complete tasks without having to leave Outlook, which streamlines workflows and helps employees become more productive. Now, Outlook users can do things like approve and reject requests right from inside their emails without having to log into multiple systems.

Sound familiar? At Sapho, we’re big believers in making sure that employees can get the information they need without disrupting their workflows. We also believe implementation should be easy for IT teams to allow valuable resources to be used where they are needed most.

The current approach to creating Actionable Messages in Outlook is not a straightforward process for IT teams. In order to integrate Actionable Messages in Outlook, IT has to create an actionable message card to embed in email messages. This requires them to visit this Microsoft website, where they can code and design what the card will look like and what information it will contain. 


Sapho’s collaboration with Microsoft helps to simplify the process for customers and alleviate some of the burden on IT to get Actionable Messages up and running quickly.  Instead of IT departments having to dedicate expert coding skills to creating cards, they can use Sapho’s easy WYSIWYG card editor to quickly build out messages. 


Our editor allows customers to fill relevant information into the code builder. Then, Sapho automatically pulls the necessary information from core systems and delivers it to the user directly in Outlook. In addition to making card creation faster, using Sapho Builder to embed Actionable Messages in emails doesn’t require heavy coding experience. 


Sapho’s Modern Portal Experience (MPX) enables users to combine data and tasks from all of their enterprise systems and deliver them in a unified way to employees. Sapho is able to do this through our use of micro apps. Micro apps are lightweight, highly targeted apps that serve as connectors between existing apps and systems’ users. They pull information from legacy systems and SaaS solutions and deliver that information to employees in the channel they choose, including any device, messenger client, or intranet – for Microsoft customers, this means delivering information into Outlook, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Sapho simplifies this process for IT and triples employee productivity. Sapho and Microsoft are making it possible to provide employees with modern workplace tools that deliver important information – in the preferred channel – so employees can be as productive as possible.

Interested in learning more about how Sapho delivers micro apps in Microsoft Office 365? 


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