Sapho & Microsoft: Delivering workflows natively from enterprise systems to Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft has made a strong push to create new user workflows that are powerful, intuitive, and familiar. This goes hand in hand with our vision at Sapho to simplify workflows and make work accessible from any place or endpoint an employee is working. It is this joint mission that makes today exciting for Sapho, as we are announcing a new integration where Windows itself becomes a Sapho endpoint!

One of Sapho’s core value propositions is that we can connect to any underlying system, and then surface micro apps off those systems to any endpoint. For example, an HR manager  will receive a new PTO request from their Workday HR system on the endpoint of their choice, such as a mobile device, intranet, or messenger, and be able to complete the action in a single click. With previous Microsoft integrations, we’ve shown how users can: embed the Sapho feed into their SharePoint intranet; send an Email on a new contract in SAP that can then be approved inline using Actionable Messages in Microsoft Outlook; and utilize Microsoft Teams to ask the Sapho Bot to pull purchase orders from Oracle EBS using Microsoft’s LUIS technology.

For our Windows 10 integration, we took a similar approach, by turning popular Windows features into places employees can complete work. First, Sapho is able to send actionable Toast pop ups to users with the Windows Notification Service. This kind of workflow has always been natural for mobile users, but now with Sapho’s integration with Windows, these workflows are translated into a desktop experience that is optimized for the enterprise. Next, the Action Center organizes missed notifications so that priority work never gets lost. Finally, a native Sapho Bot integration to MyPeople gives users access to all of their work systems from a single, interactive icon right on the task bar. Here are some of the details:

Toasts from Windows Push Notification Service

The Universal Windows Platform provides the ability to push real-time notifications to end users with the Windows Push Notification Service (WNS). Sapho was built with a push architecture in mind—our Extract Transform and Notify (ETN) engine delivers events from underlying systems to mobile devices, intranets, and messengers. Now, Sapho can send priority events directly to employees in Windows 10 without them even having to switch context.

After the Sapho server and its accompanying Windows app is registered with WNS, enabling an event to push to Windows is as easy as flipping a switch. The benefit of Sapho’s build once, deploy anywhere methodology is that you’ve already built the micro apps based on the events that matter. The customization options in the Sapho Builder make it easy to optimize the perfect content, and natural buttons to make it easier for your employees to get work done.

Action Center

One of the great things about integrating with the Universal Windows Platform, is getting leverage into all of the new features that windows releases to extend its functionality. In this case, a toast notification that isn’t acted on will remain in the Action Center. This is a great way to keep track of urgent actions that still need to be completed.

MyPeople with the Sapho Bot

The Sapho Bot has been added directly in the taskbar using the new MyPeople functionality in Windows. MyPeople was designed so that users can have a dedicated spot on their taskbar for the people that they interact with the most. Clicking on a contact’s icon quickly launches an app, such as Skype, to facilitate an interaction with that person—it even allows its users to see badges on the contact icon if they have any new messages available.

The Sapho Bot was designed to be the persona that end users interface with for anything they need from their backend systems. Sapho Bot was added as a contact, so it’s easily accessible. Next, we took the application we built to drive the toasts, and made it available from the MyPeople app tray. Clicking on it will take users to the full Sapho application, so that they can see their full workfeed. And because Sapho is optimized for both desktop and mobile, it fits into the smaller form factor that makes sense for MyPeople. Now, your employees are one click away from the micro apps built for all of their enterprise systems.

All of these features further our vision of the employee experience portal—engaging end users wherever they are, with personalized, actionable events. This integration with Windows 10 brings the cohesive, native feel of a mobile app to an integrated desktop experience.

Want to see it in action, check out this 5 minute video below:

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us and we’re happy to setup a screenshare to show you this live. Alternatively, you can explore Sapho on your own on our Try Sapho page.

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