Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.4: SAP Ariba, Concur Travel, and new charting features

Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.4 is now available and includes a host of new features our customers have been looking forward to.

New SAP Ariba integration

Since Sapho Employee Experience Portal was designed to be a powerful assistant for task management as well as unify approvals from multiple business systems, we are delighted to announce our newest integration with SAP Ariba. SAP Ariba is the system of choice for procurement operations in many organizations and adding a pre-built connector with turnkey micro apps for it has been at the top of our “most wanted connectors” list for a long time. Starting with SMP 4.4, managers can approve or deny purchase requisitions from SAP Ariba, along with any other approvals they have to process on a daily basis, anywhere they are—whether it be from a mobile device, intranet, or messenger. In addition, employees will receive notifications about any relevant status changes to their requisitions.


Support for Concur Travel

Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.4 brings enhancements to our integration with Concur as well. In addition to the Expense module, we now also support the Concur Travel module, multiplying the benefits available to employees using SMP. For example, Sapho will automatically send a notification to employees when their travel arrangements have been successfully booked so they can share the itinerary details with their colleagues. Sapho will also send a reminder to employees to submit expense reports as soon as it detects that a trip has been completed.


Enhanced charting for better data consumption

Our customers not only use Sapho Employee Experience Portal to surface important informations and streamline complex enterprise workflows, but also to visualize the metrics that matter most to them. Our team has received a lot of requests to enhance Sapho’s charting capabilities, and we are pleased to introduce two new types of charts: horizontal bar charts and area charts. The bar chart component now supports horizontal orientation, allowing data to be ordered from least to greatest (or vice versa) and making it much more digestible for employees.

horizontal bar chart.png

Additionally, our new area chart component allows micro app developers to represent data changes over time in a way that is easier to understand than traditional line charts. For example, developers can use area charts to visualize the volume of sales for individual products over different periods of time.

area chart.png

Enhanced desktop UI for seamless app switching

Many employees choose to access Sapho Employee Experience Portal from their desktop browsers when they are sitting in their office. That’s why we felt it was important to enhance the desktop experience by adding the option to keep the side menu of Sapho expanded when loaded in desktop mode.

This way users have immediate visibility into what is available to them and can switch easily between micro apps, their personalized workfeed, or their individual settings with a single click.

sticky menu.png

That’s a wrap for Sapho Employee Experience Portal 4.4. Follow the Sapho blog to keep up to date on new product updates on how we’re driving the future of work. 

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