Why integrating task manager apps with Sapho boosts productivity

Today, the majority of large enterprises conduct their business in a global and virtual environment that encompasses a host of digital tools and numerous employees, collaborators, and geographical locations. As a result, task management is getting more complex. In order to keep up, top enterprises depend on efficient task managing software to help them step up to the challenges of a digital business world.

And it’s no wonder—the benefits of quality task manager apps are numerous. Team members situated in different parts of the world and in different time zones can collaborate by sharing files and receiving instant feedback notifications. They can complete tasks on-the-go. And, they can track and prioritize tasks for all team members all in one place.

But while task manager apps provide a wide array of capabilities and promise to reduce procrastination—are employees actually getting more work done?

A task management app does not mean more productivity

Many enterprises make the mistake of thinking that task management software automatically means employees will manage their time and projects better. However, using a task management tool, such as Asana or Jira, doesn’t necessarily make work easier.

In addition to a task management application, the average business professional today has to use 9.39 apps to do their work and they have to use three or four apps just to complete simple tasks. Enterprise apps—whether they are legacy, on-premises, or SaaS—end up slowing work down since they are often disparate, offer a poor user experiences and clunky processes, and require a worker to remember a different set of credentials for each system.

How can a task management app help if one of the biggest barriers to productivity are the tools employees have to use to complete their tasks?

That’s where Sapho comes in.

Sapho delivers a digital to-do list from all your existing systems

Sapho Employee Experience Portal helps make your existing systems more flexible, engaging, and mobile, without having to undergo an expensive or time-consuming upgrade. Sapho surfaces relevant, personalized information and high-priority tasks from all your business systems—including tasks management apps—and delivers them into a unified workfeed that can be accessed from any device, intranet, or messenger. Integrating workplace tools with Sapho allows employees to have instant access to the data they need and enables them to take instant action on tasks without requiring them to log into another system.

“Sapho is this new system of engagement: It provides employees a digital experience portal with the personalized information and tasks they need to improve their productivity and effectiveness”, says Sapho CEO and co-founder Fouad ElNaggar. “Employees love it because Sapho makes work as easy as using Facebook, and IT departments love it because it works with the existing systems they know how to maintain and manage. For our customers, this means major productivity gains from their IT investments, which have already been depreciated on their balance sheets.”

Day to day, employees look for tools to help manage their tasks, but when those tools fail to simplify how employees get work done, they lose their purpose. With Sapho Employee Experience Portal, managing tasks is made easy, allowing enterprise organizations to streamline workflows, unify information and tasks into personalized workfeeds, and become more productive.

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