Happy employees are more productive employees

Productivity, productivity, productivity — we hear so much about its importance and how employee productivity can improve every aspect of a company’s culture, performance and, eventually, its bottom line.

How to make your workflows more human

The next time you walk around the office, count how many employees have sticky notes with login details stuck to their monitors. These colorful reminders signal outdated employee enterprise software and a need for more human-centric workflows.

Employee engagement is more than being a “yes person”

It’s natural that every employer wants their employees to feel connected to their team, to management, and to the company. A strong connection is at the heart of employee engagement, and engaged employees are crucial to the success of businesses.

How employee engagement drives ROI

Employee engagement is not just another business platitude, it’s a proven business strategy. Without employees who are emotionally committed to an organization and its goals, a company cannot remain competitive.

How feeds have changed the way we interact with email

When it comes to communication, email remains the undisputed champion of the business world. Today’s employees spend more than 6 hours a day sending and receiving an average of 123 emails.

3 employee engagement strategies proven to improve employee satisfaction

Walk into any given office meeting, and odds are just one in three people in the room feel engaged in their work. The rest are either checked out or openly hostile toward your company.

Employee engagement best practices for 2018

If getting employees engaged in their work was easy, everyone would be doing it. And, since 85 percent of the world’s workforce reports feeling disengaged from work, it’s clearly not a simple task.

5 employee engagement ideas to help your organization succeed

Why are so many companies looking for employee engagement ideas? Because they want to gain a crucial competitive edge in today’s economy.