Sapho Employee Experience Portal allows you to build cross-platform micro apps for existing applications

Use our drag-and-drop micro app builder to create event-driven micro apps in minutes

Turnkey micro apps to get you started

Working with large enterprises, Sapho has identified the simple, “green button” experiences employees need from their enterprise systems and created turnkey micro apps. These micro apps are based on common ”micro” workflows, such as PO approval and service ticket notifications. Using these apps, it is easy to add custom fields and objects to an existing micro app, or build a completely new micro app.

List of micro app templates
Event editor

Detect relevant events in the event console

Sapho’s easy-to-use event console drives the patent-pending Extract, Transform, Notify (ETN) technology. Using the intuitive rule builder, IT teams can define what data changes they want to monitor for in source applications and design engaging event notifications that can be delivered to any device, intranet, or messenger.

Drag and drop page builder

Sapho’s simple drag-and-drop page builder allows IT teams to easily add components and map them to source application data and logic.

CSS editor

Customize themes to create personalized experiences

Sapho provides extensive CSS classes so that your designers can create micro app themes that follow your corporate style guidelines.

Build an enterprise portal with modern cross-platform micro app development tools.