Sapho Employee Experience Portal delivers the experience employees want

Improve productivity with a continuous user experience across enterprise applications

A modern workforce requires modern tools. Employees don’t want to use multiple enterprise applications to perform simple tasks, such as requesting PTO, approving a purchase order, or viewing a dashboard.

With Sapho, information and workflows from existing systems are consolidated into a single, unified workfeed that can be delivered to any mobile device, intranet, or modern messenger. The result is a consistent, modern experience that allows employees to access all of their information and workflows as they move seamlessly between endpoints.

Unified workfeed

Sapho’s workfeed provides employees with an aggregated view of high-priority tasks and key insights, such as PO approvals or sales metrics, from existing applications, allowing employees to complete actions and view information without logging into individual systems.

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Easy self-service

Sapho's micro apps allow employees to complete common tasks in a single place, such as requesting PTO, approving purchase orders, or looking up a colleague in an employee directory.

Personalized employee experience

Sapho leverages machine learning to send relevant information, tasks, and notifications to employees, while also allowing them to further customize the notifications they receive and the thresholds they care about.

Simplified workflows

Sapho micro apps simplify work by bringing together information and tasks from multiple systems, enabling cross-system workflows and quick task completion.

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Omnichannel access

Sapho transforms the various endpoints workers use every day, such as an employee intranet, a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams, or a mobile device, into an employee experience portal that is accessible anywhere they are.

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