The enterprise portal that exceeds employee expectations

Deliver a powerful, personalized enterprise portal that improves employee experience and productivity

Unified experience

Transform employee endpoints, including intranets, mobile devices, and messengers, into portals that provide employees with a single view into all their systems.

Improve employee satisfaction with unified access to legacy and cloud systems

Engage employees with a personalized workfeed of key insights and high-priority tasks that matter

Simplify work by allowing employees to customize the content they receive and frequency they are updated

Increase manager productivity with powerful, yet streamlined workflows

Intelligent integration

Intelligently integrate the active data in flight from existing apps, databases, and data warehouses using Sapho’s patent-pending Extract, Transform, Notify (ETN) technology.

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Modern tooling

Build secure micro apps in minutes, instead of months, using a drag-and-drop tool and micro app templates, which make it easy to create micro apps for popular use cases and existing applications.

Streamlined workflows

Simplify task completion by surfacing relevant system changes—or events—from enterprise systems and allowing employees to complete actions that write back to enterprise applications.

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Flexible deployment

Run Sapho in your enterprise data center on your existing Java Application Server or in your virtual private cloud PaaS hosted by Amazon, Azure, or Google.

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Consolidated security

Sapho’s patent-pending "Rosetta Stone" system maps each user's identity across existing identity providers and source applications' permission models.

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How does Sapho Employee Experience Portal empower your employees?