What are cards in your feed?

Feed Cards definition

Cards are small, digital containers of information that present a finite amount of information at a time. Cards are single-purpose and present users with important, up-to-date, and actionable information.

Cards explained

Cards are often displayed within an information feed, such as those used in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These cards display newly updated content as digestible pieces of information, such as friend’s post or a new tweet. Utilizing machine learning and AI, these smart feeds usually display personalized content based on a user’s previous actions or preferences enabling social media applications to engage users with content that is targeted to their interests.

Feed cards are not limited to consumer social media applications—a feed card can also play an important role in enterprise business apps as well. For example, Sapho uses cards to deliver high-priority tasks, system updates, or interesting metrics into a personalized workfeed that can be accessed from any device, intranet, or messenger.

Examples of how feed cards can improve employee engagement

In the enterprise, feed cards can be used to deliver personalized tasks and information from any business system. These updates can come from a variety of sources, including ERP and CRM systems, providing crucial information to employees. For example, Sapho consolidates cards into a unified workfeed, ensuring employees are notified about tasks, such as approving a purchase order or a PTO request, and providing them with the ability to take immediate action without having to log into additional systems.