IBM Domino Integration

The easiest way to modernize IBM Domino.

Are you trying to equip your digital workforce with more modern tools? Sapho Employee Experience Portal breathes new life into your legacy Domino applications, saving you a time-consuming and expensive upgrade. Build engaging employee experiences and deliver the enterprise data that drives critical business functions to employees on any device, intranet, or messenger.

Improve employee productivity

Save employees time by enabling them to complete tasks from IBM Domino, such as submitting expense reports or looking up an employee in the directory, alongside tasks from other enterprise systems in a single place.

Improve employee satisfaction

Delight employees with a modern experience, built on top of IBM Domino, that delivers personalized updates, important information, and one-click task completion—all without ever logging into Domino.

Integrates directly with Domino Servers

Sapho integrates directly with Domino servers to retrieve active data for micro apps. For low data, remote server use cases, Sapho uses IIOP to communicate with the Domino server. To secure the communication, an SSL certificate must be installed on the Domino server. The DIIOP task generates a secure Java class that must be installed on the Sapho server. For high data, remote server use cases, Sapho installs on a Windows Server that uses a Notes client to replicate Domino databases locally and uses JNI to access the replicated data. Sapho can invoke replication as needed to synchronize changes with the remote database.

Interacts with Domino databases and agents

Sapho can read and write data directly to Domino NSF (Notes Storage Facility) databases and views. In addition, Sapho’s patent-pending ETN (Extract, Transform, Notify) technology can monitor Domino NSF databases for changes to documents and notify users of those changes on their preferred channel, such as a mobile device or a messenger client, including IBM Watson Workspace. For important information, Sapho can deliver a push notification to users as well. Sapho micro apps use existing Domino logic when writing to a document and can even call Domino agents in order to invoke existing business logic.

Leverages Domino’s existing user authentication

Sapho integrates directly with Domino’s user system. Domino users can log into a Sapho micro app with their existing Domino user credentials using Domino’s LDAP interface. Administrators can assign which Domino user groups can access which Sapho micro apps. For new micro apps beyond the existing Domino user base, Sapho can also use Active Directory, LDAP, and other identity systems to authenticate and authorize users.

With Sapho, it is easy to modernize your existing Domino system without any expensive upgrades.

Sapho helps provide IBM Domino customers the ability to streamline workflows, deliver experiences to increase employee engagement, and enable them to derive more value from their investments. By bringing Sapho micro apps to IBM Domino, we’re able to help customers intensify their engagement level through tools such as a personalized feed of actionable work related data, insights, and tasks that can increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Inhi Cho Suh, General Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions

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