Sapho and Windows 10 are now better together!

Deliver smart, event-driven notifications and micro apps from legacy, on-premises, and SaaS systems to Windows 10 enterprise users

Sapho Employee Experience Portal empowers the enterprise workforce by surfacing personalized and relevant tasks, data, and insights from existing systems and delivering them to where employees spend their time — for most enterprise employees, this is Microsoft Windows 10.

Using Sapho and Windows 10, enterprise employees are able to

Act quickly on important tasks using toasts

Leveraging the Windows Push Notification Service (WNS), Sapho can send high-priority tasks and information to employees without them ever having to log into their system of record.

Keep track of important tasks that still need to be completed

When employees do not have time to complete a task sent in a toast notification, it will be moved to the Action Center so that it can be tracked and completed at a later time.

Interact with the Sapho Bot to access information from back end systems

Using the MyPeople functionality, employees now have access to all of their work systems from their Sapho newsfeed, located on the taskbar.

The result? A consistent experience across applications, faster task completion, and better access to data, leading to increased employee productivity and engagement.

Windows 10 users in enterprises often switch between multiple applications to assemble the data they need to complete their work. Sapho on Windows 10 enables enterprise knowledge workers to do more by enabling them to securely complete high-priority tasks and view key insights from their legacy, on-premises, and SaaS applications.

Steve Teixeira, General Manager, Partner Application Experiences at Microsoft