Okta Integration

Integrate Okta with Sapho Employee Experience Portal to share employee contact information with your entire organization on any device, intranet, or messenger

Okta lets you perform administrative operations on users and groups in your organization’s Okta account.

The Okta integration with Sapho allows employees to share information with each other, such as email, phone number, office location, or group association, from anywhere they are working. In addition, organization admins can notify groups of employees about new hires, management or position changes for existing employees.


What you can do with the Okta Integration

Turnkey micro apps


  • Provides a searchable list of users and groups and their details.

Event notifications

Users are notified if any of the following events occur:

  • A new teammate is created
  • A new manager is assigned
  • A position changes

Note: The turnkey micro apps, event notifications, and write-back actions listed on this page are completely extensible and are provided for informational purposes only. Customers are able to create their own micro apps and include event triggers that are most important to them.