Trello Integration

Integrate Trello with Sapho Modern Portal to track projects, improve collaboration, and view your daily to-dos on any device, intranet, or messenger

Trello is a project management tool that helps teams track their progress on projects, improve collaboration, and get results by using boards, lists, and cards. Sapho’s integration with Trello allows employees to have anywhere access to Trello information so they can have an overview of daily to-dos all in one place.

The integration between Trello and Sapho allows employees to not only monitor the status of assigned cards, but also create new cards, move them between lists, add new comments, or change the status of checklist items from Sapho.

What you can do with the Trello integration

Turnkey micro app


  • Provides a searchable list of assigned boards,  lists within those boards, and cards with corresponding details.

Event notifications

Users are notified if any of the following events occur:

  • Board assigned
  • Card assigned
  • Card moved to another list

Write-back actions

Users are able to perform the following on Trello cards and checklist items:

  • Create a card
  • Update a card
  • Archive a card
  • Add a comment to a card
  • Update a checklist item

Note: The turnkey micro apps, event notifications, and write-back actions listed on this page are completely extensible and are provided for informational purposes only. Customers are able to create their own micro apps and include event triggers that are most important to them.