Modernizing IBM Domino with Sapho

Sapho’s deep integration with IBM Domino allows IT to build micro apps that interact with Domino databases and business logic. Domino databases contain a treasure trove of enterprise data and Domino agents encompass the business logic that drives numerous critical business functions.

With Sapho’s Domino integration, existing Domino applications can be extended so that an occasional user of an application can use micro apps on any device for functions such as approvals and lookups. Sapho micro app users get an upgraded user experience without IT having to invest in retooling the Domino application. In addition, Sapho’s integration with Domino offers the ability to detect interesting “events” — or system changes — in a Domino database and send push notifications or other alerts to users wherever they are.

Integrates directly with Domino Servers

Sapho installs directly on the same server as a Domino server and used the Domino JNI and/or IIOP interfaces to natively access Domino objects.

Interacts with Domino databases and agents

Sapho can read and write data directly to Domino NSF (Notes Storage Facility) databases and views. In addition, Sapho’s proprietary ETN (Extract, Transform, prepare to Notify) technology can monitor Domino NSF databases for changes to documents and notify users of those changes on their preferred channel, such as a mobile device or a messenger client, including IBM Watson Workspace. For important information, Sapho can deliver a push notification to users as well.

Sapho micro apps use existing Domino logic when writing to a document and can even call Domino agents in order to invoke existing business logic.

Leverages Domino’s existing user authentication

Sapho integrates directly with Domino’s user system. Domino users can log into a Sapho micro app with their existing Domino user credentials using Domino’s LDAP interface. Administrators can assign which Domino user groups can access which Sapho micro apps. For new micro apps beyond the existing Domino user base, Sapho can also use Active Directory, LDAP, and other identity systems to authenticate and authorize users.

With Sapho, it is easy to modernize your existing Domino system without any expensive upgrades.

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