Study: Employees Don’t Use Enterprise Applications; Crave Personalized Experiences

Survey Highlights That Employees Are Frustrated With Disparate, Clunky Workplace Systems and 91% Say Simplified, Modern Enterprise Apps are the Solution

San Bruno, Calif. – August 24, 2016 – According to a commissioned study that Sapho released today, both employees and IT are increasingly frustrated with enterprise systems, to the point of refusing to use applications that take too long to accomplish a goal. The study also revealed what employees want in workplace apps: consumer-grade simplicity, social media-level personalization, and mobile-first experiences.

To uncover what’s fueling the challenges facing enterprise software today, Sapho commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on enterprise application pain points from those that frequently use enterprise systems – both IT teams and lines of business managers. The survey was administered to more than 100 line of business and IT leaders with application purchasing or application modernization purchase authority.

The findings showed that, overwhelmingly, enterprise software is falling short due to its complexity, poor mobile execution, and clunky workflows that force employees to go searching for the information they need across multiple systems. Therefore, it is no surprise that 75% of employees have a hard time accessing information in their enterprise systems and applications. The survey also found that:

  • More systems lead to more friction. Employees are struggling with the vast number of systems they must access on a day-to-day basis. According to the study, in just 2 years the number of applications that employees use has grown 25%. To make matters worse, 65% of employees say they ignore data for making decisions when they must pull from multiple systems and 62% said they delay completing tasks that require logging into multiple systems.
  • Employees want a personalized feed of data. 74% of employees said that when it comes to data collection, they’d prefer to access a subset of personalized data rather than a comprehensive data set. Furthermore, 30% of employees want personalized notifications of tasks that need to be completed and another 28% of employees believe a personalized feed of individual actions and updates would improve how employees leverage, access and take action on information.
  • Employees want mobile-first work experiences, but still aren’t getting them. The study showed that 55% of organizations have implemented three mobile apps or fewer – typically email and calendar – despite the fact that a 69% of employees seek an engaging mobile-first work experience.
  • Mobile isn’t the (only) solution. Despite hype around mobile apps, half of employees simply want information delivered to them in a way that is optimized for the channels they already use. Essentially, employees would be happy if apps and relevant information were made available on their everyday tools and devices, from mobile devices and web browsers to email and Slack channels.
  • IT departments are out of touch with how today’s employees work. IT teams and lines of business managers are painfully aware of the problems facing employees when they use enterprise software, but are unable to fix them. They know they have to make enterprise applications simpler but more than half of IT leaders will only upgrade their systems to simplify how employees access, leverage, and take action on information if it wouldn’t impact their existing systems.
  • Employees are hamstrung by legacy systems. Ninety-one percent of employees agree that simplified enterprise apps would increase efficiency and productivity and, in return, reduce the pain points of disparate, clunky workplace software they face on a daily basis.

“In my own experiences at CBS and in speaking with my fellow executives, we are all shocked by how little our employees actually use the systems we have invested billions of dollars into,” said Fouad ElNaggar, co-founder and CEO of Sapho. “Enterprise software usability is so clunky and its usefulness so siloed that it has become impossible to use, so maybe we should not be surprised that our employees barely use it. These findings paint a bleak picture and confirm the importance of our mission at Sapho: to deliver the future of work today by helping enterprises offer personalized work feeds and simple, single purpose micro apps to their employees that don’t have the time – or patience – to submit to the work software status quo.”

To learn more about the survey and findings, please download the full study “Accelerate digital transformation with simplified business apps”, here.

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