Sapho announces integration with Microsoft Teams to triple productivity and accelerate speed of business

Sapho brings actionable data, insights, and tasks to employees using Microsoft Teams to improve productivity and decision-making

San Bruno, CA: March 14, 2017 – Today Sapho announced its integration with Microsoft Teams to provide employees access to personalized and relevant information and workflows that will help them work smarter, make better decisions, and increase effectiveness. Sapho allows organizations to build secure, single purpose ‘micro apps’ on top of enterprise systems – both legacy and modern – that deliver actionable data, insights, and tasks to employees. This integration enables Teams customers to deliver employees these one-click tasks and important updates, ranging from an expense approval or sales PO to a personalized dashboard, in the Teams view.

Based on a recent study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sapho, 75 percent of employees said they have a hard time accessing information in their enterprise systems, while 74 percent crave access to personalized and relevant data1. Sapho is addressing employees’ needs by proactively delivering relevant data and tasks before they have to search for it. With the general availability of Teams, Sapho adds a new channel that acts as a single system of engagement for employees that brings systems data, tasks, and colleagues together to triple productivity and collaborate in new ways.

“No company understands the enterprise better than Microsoft, and Microsoft Teams can benefit companies that want to deliver a chat-based workspace across their entire organization, not just in smaller groups,” said Fouad ElNaggar, CEO and co-founder of Sapho. “With Microsoft building Teams on the Office 365 global, secure cloud, Teams becomes a key channel for Sapho to deliver micro apps that are built on on-premises systems such as SAP ERP and data warehouses such as Teradata. Employees typically have to log into dozens of systems of record per year on average, and this integration brings together those systems directly in the Teams view, creating a powerful system of engagement that truly makes organizations more effective.”

“By integrating with Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365, Sapho is contributing to our vision for changing the way employees get work done,” said Brian MacDonald, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp. “Sapho will allow our customers to harness the full value of Teams by surfacing updates and actionable activities from all of their systems of record into a single Teams view. We’re excited to have Sapho help our customers improve their collaboration and productivity.”

This integration with Teams reinforces Sapho’s omnichannel approach, which allows customers to deliver important information and tasks to users wherever they are, whether in a messaging client like Teams, an intranet portal like Microsoft SharePoint, an email client or browser, or a mobile or desktop device.

About Sapho

Sapho triples employee productivity with a system of engagement that modernizes enterprise applications to accelerate the speed of business. As the industry’s first micro app platform, Sapho enables organizations to build secure, single purpose apps that provide employees actionable data, insights, and tasks from all of their systems. Employees benefit from proactive notifications, updates, and one-click task completion from any device, browser, intranet, email, or messaging client. Sapho is used by customers in all industries to improve their internal workflows and increase employee effectiveness and productivity. Sapho was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Bruno, CA. For more information, visit

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1 Accelerate Digital Transformation With Simplified Business Apps, an August 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sapho.

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