Sapho announces its modern portal now supports VMware Workspace ONE to triple employee productivity and system of record engagement

Sapho and VMware partner to easily and securely deliver intelligent, event-driven notifications and micro apps from legacy, on-premises, and SaaS systems to employees’ digital workspace

San Bruno, CA: August 29, 2017 – Today Sapho announced its support for VMware WorkspaceTM ONETM – mobile flows (Tech preview) service enabling enterprises to securely build and deliver intelligent, event-driven notifications, actions and related micro apps, that drive productivity during micro-moments. Sapho-powered mobile flows can be built by IT with single-click integrations into existing enterprise systems, such as Oracle EBS, SAP ERP, and Salesforce – these mobile flows are then unbundled into micro apps focused on simple, single purpose units of work. The mobile flows service and micro app workflows are triggered by events in the underlying system and delivered to employees on the channel of their choice whether that’s mobile, desktop, or in an email, intranet, or messenger. When using Sapho with VMware, relevant actions are surfaced to employees enabling them to be productive from anywhere, on any device.

Sapho’s modern portal uses intelligent event-driven notifications and micro apps to push personalized and relevant actions and data to employees who can complete their workflows from any endpoint. Sapho enables IT to quickly build these simple and useful apps for employees using its out-of-the-box integrations, pre-built templates, and a drag-and-drop micro app builder. These micro apps provide employees proactive notifications about interesting system data, actions that need to be completed, and changes in business data that require attention. Sapho micro apps can be made accessible from a mobile app, pre-configured to be secured by Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch, or other channels, such as VMware Boxer secure email, or any other email, intranet, and messenger solution.

“To increase mobile productivity and app adoption, it’s essential to enable workflows that are tailored to what the employee is trying to accomplish on their mobile device while providing connectivity into the multiple systems that need to be accessed – and this workflow needs to be simple and secure,” said Dave Grant, vice president product marketing at VMware. “Organizations using Workspace ONE and Sapho in their digital workspace can expect to see an increase in employee productivity and effectiveness.”

“VMware and Sapho are partnering because of our shared belief that the future of work will be defined by the ability for employees to securely work anywhere using intelligent, event-driven micro applications that reduce the complexity of today’s enterprise software; this complexity is blocking the true productivity gains we should be seeing from the trillions of dollars that have been invested in IT,” said Fouad ElNaggar, CEO and co-founder of Sapho. “By integrating Sapho and Workspace ONE, customers can reinvent how employees interact with their enterprise systems using micro apps that are easy to use, have an intelligent, consumer-like user experience, and are available anywhere. We are excited to be working with a partner who shares our view of the future.”

About Sapho

Sapho empowers the enterprise workforce with a modern portal experience that triples productivity and accelerates the speed of business. Using micro apps that surface personalized and relevant tasks from existing systems and deliver them to any device, intranet, or messenger, Sapho gives employees a single view into the important information they need to complete work faster and make better decisions. Sapho is used by customers in all industries to streamline their internal workflows, enable smart decision-making, and increase employee effectiveness and productivity. Sapho was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Bruno, CA. For more information, visit

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