The Sapho Micro App Platform

Sapho keeps employees up-to-date with the important information they need and the actions they must take to do their job. All from a single, notification-enabled app, web browser, or messenger client.

Product overview

The Sapho Micro App Platform is the best way to put actionable business information into your employees’ hands. This micro application development and integration platform enables organizations to build secure micro apps, on top of existing enterprise systems, that deliver actionable data, insights, and tasks into a personalized Facebook-like feed. Employees benefit from proactive notifications, updates, and one-click task completion from a single unified app, browser, email or messaging client.

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Use system connectors for easy set up

Sapho includes connectors for business systems, including packaged and homegrown software, SaaS apps, web services, databases, and data warehouses. These connectors are designed to extract business data from systems and transform it into a format that enables Sapho to notify employees of actionable information.

Our connectors reduce the time and costs commonly found when connecting a new platform to existing systems and extracting the relevant data to deliver information people need to do their job.

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List of connectors and icons

Edit pre-built micro apps or build new ones in minutes

Sapho’s useful micro apps – simple, single purpose apps that provide only the information and functionality that employees need to complete a task – couldn’t be easier. Sapho enables IT professionals, business analysts, and process experts to edit pre-built micro app templates or create new micro apps quickly using a simple to use, drag-and-drop app builder. The pre-built micro apps offer turnkey micro workflows for enterprise systems in addition to lookup features for commonly accessed data.

Once finalized, these micro apps are instantly delivered to employees on their choice of device via a single unified app, browser, email account, or messaging client.

Sapho Micro App platform with pre-built micro apps in builder
UI with example of how to customize events

Customize micro apps “events” to ensure relevance to your business

Pre-built micro apps are configured to track the most popular “events” – or system changes – from their source systems, such as a new lead in a CRM solution or a new PO approval ready to be signed in an ERP system. However, adding new events or editing existing events couldn’t be easier.

Using the event editor, IT can edit an existing micro app to only send a notification when a new sales opportunity is more than $100,000 or IT can build a new micro app that tracks specific changes in a database. This editor ensures that micro apps are customized to deliver the most relevant information to employees in your organization.

Micro apps dashboard in Sapho with pre-built templates

Deliver the right insights, to the right people, in the right channel, at the right time

Not all employees care about the same information. With Sapho, micro apps are targeted at only relevant employees. Through a personalized Facebook-like “feed” accessible from any device, browser, email account, or messenger client, employees receive the information they need and the tasks they need to complete across all their systems. And for urgent information, employees receive a push notification to ensure a timely response.

For added personalization, employees can customize their feed, turning off notifications they don’t care about or setting a threshold by which they should be notified about a task, so their feed is relevant to them.

Laptop and mobile phone with UI of event notifications in chat channel
Laptop and mobile with purchase order and expense approval cards

Create micro workflows that speed up business

Unlike desktop apps that are bloated with features that only power users can use, Sapho micro apps are designed for the occasional system user that needs to accomplish a simple task quickly – for example, approve an expense report or check the status of a lead.

With Sapho, information pushed to employees becomes an actionable activity, allowing employees to drill into additional information or complete any necessary action directly from their feed – removing the standard delay that comes with data and tasks housed in multiple systems, each with their own login and complex workflows. And all actions completed in Sapho are written back to the system of record.

Laptop and mobile with Sapho UI showing expense approval card and card details

Deploy on your own infrastructure; use your existing security

Sapho is deployed into your data center or into your virtual private cloud. Pre-built connectors for existing identity management, access control, and single sign-on solutions ensure apps are identity-aware and have authorized access. And, Sapho’s native integration with MDM and collaboration solutions allow for quick deployment and use from any device.

The Sapho mobile app does not store data on the device and connects to your data center with existing VPN solutions.

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