Microsoft Office 365

Integrate existing and legacy enterprise systems into Microsoft Office 365

By integrating with Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365, Sapho is contributing to our vision for changing the way employees get work done. Sapho will allow our customers to harness the full value of Teams by surfacing updates and actionable activities from all of their systems of record into a single Teams view. We’re excited to have Sapho help our customers improve their collaboration and productivity.

Brian MacDonald, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp

Sapho’s modern portal integrates Microsoft Office 365’s collaboration suite of products including, Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams, with legacy, on-premises, and SaaS applications. Benefit from Sapho’s on-premises architecture, turnkey micro apps, and drag-and-drop app builder to deliver personalized data, insights, and tasks to employees where they spend their time.

Reach employees in the app they use most: Microsoft Outlook

Help your workforce get more value out of their enterprise systems and be more productive with their inbox time. Sapho allows employees to complete tasks directly from Microsoft Outlook without having to log into multiple systems. Sapho detects system changes, such as a new purchase order in SAP, and then sends a notification to the appropriate employee with Microsoft Actionable Messages. Employees can view the details of the task and take action, such as accepting or rejecting a request, without ever leaving Outlook.

Surface information where your team is collaborating: Microsoft Teams

Chat-based conversation plays a large role in the digital workplace. Sapho makes it easy to deliver actionable insights, important data, and tasks right to employees with the Sapho tab built into Microsoft Teams or with our Sapho Bot. Employees can access their personalized workfeeds and all their micro apps without ever leaving Microsoft Teams, making it easy to approve or reject expense reports or submit incidents with a single click. And, when using the Sapho Bot, employees can ask their enterprise systems questions, such as the status of an invoice, and get a response.

Engage employees where they look for information: Microsoft SharePoint

The intranet is where employees get company news and information, and search for people and content. Sapho micro apps can be integrated into Microsoft SharePoint (both Online and On-Premises) to allow employees to complete approvals, review status updates, and take critical actions in one common workspace.