Use cases

Sapho empowers the enterprise workforce with a single, actionable view into important information and tasks they need to excel at work. Here are a few examples of the types of modern portal experiences that Sapho customers are building today.

Business functions


Provide easy access to the most critical data to help your sales teams close deals faster and keep customers happy.


Submit tickets about critical incidents or issues to help improve awareness and response times when problems arise.

Human resources

Simplify HR tasks and provide employees with a unified view of the information they need to do their job.

Executive productivity


Deliver a unified feed that includes all the approvals that an employee needs to complete.


Provide employees relevant business data, from all their existing systems, wherever they are.

Legacy modernization

IBM Domino

Upgrade the user experience of IBM Domino to enable work anywhere.

Oracle EBS

Transform Oracle EBS into a set of micro apps that employees love.


Make SAP ERP accessible and usable by employees on any channel.

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