Take back your admin time and simplify the approvals process

Approvals are a fact of life in business. From HR and finance to operations, sales, and services, no manager can escape the approvals that hit their inbox on a daily basis. Unfortunately, completing these approvals often requires a different system, workflow, and set of login credentials. It’s no surprise that 62% of employees delay completing tasks that require accessing multiple systems.

Sapho’s modern portal creates a single, personalized workfeed that surfaces all of the approvals that require action. This workfeed is accessible from any device, intranet, or messenger. Employees can view the details of the request and then complete it without any additional logins.

No more bottlenecks or missed steps

Sapho’s modern portal lets you take control of your approval process

  • Complete approvals across multiple systems in a single place to avoid wasting time on multiple logins

  • Deliver personalized notifications to employees so they never miss an important deadline

  • Ensure employees can always complete their approvals by delivering them to where they are on any device, intranet, or messenger

  • Implement multi-step approvals between any of your employees or systems to simplify and speed up complex workflows

  • Supports delegated authentication so employees only have to log into Sapho to complete an approval from any system

  • Provide a comprehensive audit trail of all employee activity in each system of record, such as system accessed, from what channel, at what time, and action completed

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Modern Portal Use Cases

  • Service Desk Portal Service Desk Portal

    Deliver better, faster, smarter services to build lasting relationships


  • Executive Portal Executive Portal

    Refocus your executives’ time to high value activities


  • Human Resources Portal Human Resources Portal

    Unify HR data and workflows to build a better employee experience


  • Onboarding Portal Onboarding Portal

    Make your employee onboarding experience seamless


  • Content & Communications Portal Content & Communications Portal

    Keep employees informed about news, events, and policies that matter to them


  • Mobile Portal Mobile Portal

    Fuel mobile productivity with anywhere access to data and tasks


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