Sapho HR MPX

The modern portal experience for Human Resources

Employee directory

Have you ever needed to get the contact details of a co-worker? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find employee information, such as office location, email, phone number, or even direct manager. Microsoft Outlook provides this information for Microsoft shops and HR-specific software like Workday contain this information, but there are still challenges. What if you need to update this information? Or worse yet, what if you are mobile? With Sapho, instead of working directly with HR to update system information, organizations can modernize their employee directory making it available to employees anywhere.

Employee self-service

Employee often struggle to complete small tasks that should take no time at all. For example, requesting time off, submitting a family leave, or even submitting a ticket to request a new monitor should be quick and easy for employees, but as we all know, it isn’t. Systems are hard to navigate and many times, the small tasks that employees need to do are spread across multiple systems. With Sapho, employees have a single place to take care of everything – this modern interface doesn’t require a separate login or look like a hospital form, keeping employees happy and the business running more efficiently.

HR self-service

HR teams struggle to get a 360-degree view of employees. Employee personal information exists in one system, compensation data in another, performance data in another, promotion history, compliance training records, and more are in yet more systems. HR teams need a single place to go to review employee information to make the best business recommendations and decisions – and they don’t want to wait 2 weeks for the consolidated report from the operations team. With Sapho, HR teams get real time access to a unified view of their employees from anywhere.

Employee onboarding

Onboarding a new employee starts well before her first day. From the offer and getting the team excited, to ordering new equipment, adding her to existing systems, and ensuring she has a place to sit, employee onboarding is one of the most important functions for an organization and it touches every department. With Sapho, organizations create custom workflows that notify all departments of new employees and the actions required from them to ensure every step of the onboarding process proceeds smoothly. By optionally bundling Pentaho Kettle, detailed workflows that provision users in various systems can be integrated with Sapho micro apps.