Sapho Sales MPX

The modern portal experience for CRM systems

Spread information about deals

Employees want to know when deals are won. For some, it’s a cause for celebration, for others, it’s needed for reporting or preparation. Knowing that a deal has closed helps managers in other departments prepare to onboard a new customer. Understanding when deals change significantly, get delayed, or are lost, help executives and other leaders track and manage their business. And seeing when a lead becomes an opportunity helps deal teams monitor their pipeline. Sapho provides immediate visibility throughout an organization about what’s happening in sales.

Qualify leads on the fly

Your salespeople are constantly on the go. When a new lead appears into the CRM, you don’t want it to get cold. With Sapho, leads can be routed to the right salesperson who can instantly respond to it wherever they are. Quicker response means faster deals, and immediate qualification means greater pipeline visibility.

Make workflows easy and fast

Regional sales managers and other sales leaders are often on the road or busy in meetings. However, sales people often need them to quickly approve quotes and other items to get a deal done. Sapho makes it easy for these managers to complete workflows, such as a sales discount approval, while on the go or in a meeting, from any device.

Mash up different sources into a single place

When a sales representative walks into an account, it is critical that she knows who the contacts are, the production status, and all outstanding service tickets within an account. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for sales reps to be unaware of critical items that have the customer upset. Sapho makes it easy to create 360-degree customer views that integrate data from ticketing and production systems so that this key information is at the fingertips of reps and easily accessible to stakeholders.

Sapho links systems, such as your CRM and ticketing systems, and notifies stakeholders when tickets pertaining to their customers and prospects have been submitted or closed. With Sapho, issues don’t fall through the cracks and sales leaders can help keep customers happy when problems arise.

Roll up multiple systems into a single view

Many organizations have multiple CRM systems due to mergers, acquisitions, and independently operating subsidiaries. The challenge is that it is increasingly difficult to extract relevant information from these data silos, especially for global managers. Sapho solves this problem by aggregating interesting data changes and views from each source system and providing employees a single, consistent view into this data.

With Sapho, organizations can provide employees an easy way to see new opportunities or closed deals across multiple systems. For example, a new opportunity greater than $100,000 becomes an actionable push notification for the rep and her management team, and viewing sales pipeline from multiple CRMs can be done from a single place, providing increased value to the sales organization.

Get summaries of what’s trending

Sales is a fluid business and it’s important to keep track of interesting deals, prospects, and even sales people. But week-over-week summaries, closed/won reports, and quarterly numbers by product provide an overwhelming amount of information. With Sapho, management teams can detail exactly what information they are interested in and the frequency and thresholds of change that are important, and receive relevant sales summaries and notifications wherever they are.