Sapho Service MPX

The modern portal experience for Service Systems.

Notify stakeholders about customer issues

It’s very common for sales people and executives to not be aware of support issues relating to one of their top customers, since the customer ticketing systems is not one of their daily systems. “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” is a common question. Sapho links systems, such as your CRM and ticketing systems, and notifies stakeholders when tickets pertaining to their customers and prospects have been submitted or closed. With Sapho issues don’t fall through the cracks and sales leaders can help keep customers happy when problems arise.

Find out about escalations

Important tickets tend to be buried deep within enterprise service systems. Email alerts get directed into folders or quickly scrolled through in an email queue. With Sapho, notifications are sent to relevant employees so these tickets don’t get missed. And with Sapho’s edge tuning feature, both managers and help desk employees can tune their notifications to the priority levels and frequencies they care about to increase both awareness of and response time to critical incidents.

Make it easy to submit tickets

Your employees are busy and working from many different locations. Make it easy for them to submit tickets, especially when their computer isn’t working. With Sapho, you can offer easy ticket submission from any device, no matter how clunky and old your ticketing system is. Employees can file tickets and get notifications about the status, and IT can continue to use the systems that they know and trust.

Roll up multiple service systems

Many organizations have multiple service systems due to mergers, acquisitions, and independently operating subsidiaries. The challenge is that it is increasingly difficult to extract relevant information from these data silos, especially for global managers. Sapho solves this problem by aggregating interesting data changes and views from each source system and providing employees a single, consistent view into this data.

With Sapho, organizations can provide employees an easy way to see new incidents across multiple service systems. For example, significant shifts in incident levels buried deep inside each ticketing system becomes an actionable push notification and viewing status reports from multiple service systems can be done from a single place, providing increased value to the organization.

Support team channel in a messenger

Organizations are increasingly deploying messengers like Microsoft Teams and Slack across their enterprise to improve communication. Automatically inserting service tickets into a messenger channel makes it easy for teams to know what’s happening with their product and allows the customer service team to talk about tickets in context. Sapho supports all major messengers and makes it easy to deliver actionable incidents right where your employees are already collaborating.

Get summaries of what’s trending

It’s important for managers to have their finger on the pulse of their organization. Trends of incidents in service systems is a key indicator of overall business performance. Sapho makes it easy to have all this information at your fingertips, even across multiple ticketing systems.