Centralized approvals

Deliver a unified feed that includes all of the approvals that an employee needs to complete.

Think about the number of approvals employees are completing (or forgetting to complete) every month. From approving expense reports and new hire requisitions, to PTO and PO requests, employees have to log into multiple systems to approve or reject items that keep the business running.

Unfortunately, too many times employees delay an approval because they don’t remember their login for a specific system or they mistakenly deleted a system email informing them of the necessary action. Sapho solves this problem by providing employees a single unified feed that includes all of the approvals that need to be completed. Employees can view their feed, click into details, and approve and reject requests directly from the feed.

UI of Sapho feed with cards showing notifications with approval requests from Oracle and Concur
Mobile phone with UI of Sapho cards showing centralized expense approvals

A unified interface to similar systems

It is quite common in this age of mergers and divestitures for organizations to have numerous procurement, expense, financial, and other duplicate systems. Unifying these systems takes time. With Sapho, managers can approve expenses, POs, time off requests and complete other similar tasks across different systems with a consistent interface, without sacrificing any specialized fields from backend systems or having to log into multiple systems.

Centralized approvals on your corporate intranet

Modernizing legacy systems must go beyond mobile. Traditional mobile only solutions typically only replicate existing desktop processes, rather than comprehensively addressing the underlying problem. With Sapho, companies can embed the centralized approvals micro app directly in their corporate intranet and replace cumbersome workflows.

Laptop with UI of Sapho micro app cards sending notifications on corporate intranet
Flowchart showing multi-step approvals

Multi-step approvals that augment a system of record

Organizations often need to augment existing systems of record with an approval process that is incredibly difficult to implement within an existing system. Sapho can maintain the state of a multi-step approval process between systems of record, enabling additional steps and compliance to be easily implemented adjacently to existing systems.

Delegated authentication

Employees hate entering their username and password into various systems, especially when using a centralized approvals app. Instead, Sapho uses a single master account to connect to each system so employees must only be using their existing Active Directory or LDAP credentials within Sapho to complete an approval. Access to individual micro apps are tailored by security admins using existing authorization groups and employees can only access records that are permitted to their role in the organization.

Comprehensive audit trail

Sapho maintains a record of all employee activity in each system of record. For example, Sapho logs that a particular user has accessed a particular system, on a particular channel, at a particular time, and performed an action. This way, users of the system of record, such as an accounting team, have a audit trail. In addition, Sapho stores records of all employee activity in either the source system or application server log.

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